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09-24-2006, 10:16 PM
Pass Offense
David Carr followed up last week's game with another solid performance (19-29-208-2TDs). Andre Johnson (11-152) had a big game and Eric Moulds added four catches. Carr suffered just one sack despite having two reserves on the offensive line forced into starting roles. This is one part of the team that is holding up its end.

Ron Dayne
It would be nice to see how their running game would do if they actually had four quarters of meaningful football to gauge against. Dayne's numbers (14-58 plus one 13-yd reception) aren't going to make anyone add him to their fantasy roster just yet, but each week he seems to look more like the workhorse Kubiak wants back there.

Dunta Robinson
The dude tackles as well as any defensive back in the NFL. Whether he goes low or high, he sticks that little body into the ballcarrier and takes him down. It's just a shame he has to tackle so often (11 in this game).
What Went Wrong?

No Pressure
Mark Brunell has no idea what any of the Texans ate before the game because they never got close enough for him to tell. The only time Brunell went down was a pat-a-cake shove by Thomas Johnson that was flagged for roughing and kept Brunell's "no-misser" alive.

No Coverage
Obviously, when a quarterback completes 22 passes in a row, it means the receivers are open all over the field. Getting carved up by Donovan McNabb and Peyton Manning is no shame, but the pass defense was no better with the previously-inept Redskin offense taking them to school.

No Tackling
As in the example in the "key play" below, it's hard to imagine the defense looking worse if they had Kinky Friedman and Carole Keeton McClellan Rylander Strayhorn as their safeties.
Key Play Of The Game

It was supposed to be a routine handoff to pick up a few yeards and line up a field goal try just before the half. Instead, Clinton Portis danced 30 yards straight up the middle of the field for a backbreaking touchdown that put the Skins up 21-7 marching into the locker room. On his way to paydirt, Portis glided past a series of Texan defenders who seemed unable to touch him, much less tackle him. Texan fans, who had tried to be supportive much of the game, booed their anger at the poor defensive effort.