View Full Version : they didnt listen and now theyre paying for it

09-17-2006, 11:35 PM
i remember when they picked mario williams i was so pissed,then i came here and alot of guys were happy with that pick talking about defense wins games,where?it isnt winning games for us,and please no exuses that they played the colts if the defense was good they wouldnt of scored so many points.then again peyton manning is the best qb out there,but snyway rule number 1 never get a defensive guy for the first pick when you have five or more great offensive players that can really make a difference,and everyone still has faith on carr,i dont,i never did,hes just a prettyboy and throws like a girl,look at his delivery it looks like hes throwing a dart.and im glad the texans are losing so mcnair and kubiak can feel the pain,they didnt listen to the FANS and now theyre paying for it.

09-17-2006, 11:39 PM
i hope we go 0 for 16