View Full Version : Lundy and Morency should be perfect examples of why Sage isn't the answer.

09-17-2006, 11:13 PM
Preseason doesn't mean anything. Obviously if you look awful in preseason, it should be a warning. But good preseason play against vanilla Ds doesn't really mean a thing.

Lundy and Morency are the perfect examples:
Both had Excellent with a capital E preseasons, and both haven't transitioned that into regular season.

Our D had an excellent preseason, again, no translation.

Our pass rush was awsome in the preason.

So why should Sage's good presason (against #2 and 3 defenses, nonetheless) mean he will translate into our savior at QB?

I know Carr's numbers were padded because of the prevent D, but the fact remains that he is playing much better than a lot of people are giving him credit for, considering we never seem to get good field position (can't make a stop on D and our KR situation only recently seems to have been resolved) and the OL that never ceases to redefine the word swiss cheese.