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09-13-2006, 09:39 PM
This is kind of based on my other thread, but if you could go back with the 155 players available to us in the expansion draft who would you take? Heres a list.

2002 expansion draft
List of players drafted and those who were exposed to the draft
Updated Feb. 18, 2002
The following list of players was available to the Houston Texans in the expansion draft, which was held Monday, Feb. 18. Each NFL team had to expose five players. Each club was able to put forward only one player who was placed on injured reserve after the start of the 2001 regular season and one player who has 10 or more years of free-agency experience. Neither punters nor kickers were permitted to be part of the list.
The Texans were mandated to select between 30 and 42 players in the expansion draft, or a lesser number of players with salaries totaling 38 percent of the salary cap. As it turned out, they selected 19 players.

The Jets and the Jaguars lost the most players in the draft, each giving up three. The Ravens lost two players.

An existing club was able to recall one player from its list after one of its players was selected. After a second player was selected from a club, that club could pull back both of its remaining players. In practice, only eight players were recalled.

A total of 155 veterans were available for selection by the Texans.

Here is the team-by-team list of players, with players actually selected shown in boldface:

Arizona DE Jabari Issa, WR Rob Moore, DB Jacoby Rhinehart (recalled), LB Johnny Rutledge, OG Yusuf Scott.

Atlanta RB Jamal Anderson, DB Ronnie Bradford, QB Chris Chandler, TE Derek Rackley, RB Rodney Thomas.

Baltimore DE Rob Burnett, LB Brad Jackson, WR Jermaine Lewis, LB Jamie Sharper, OG Kip Vickers.

Buffalo WR-KR Avion Black, OT John Fina, DB Raion Hill, DB Ken Irvin, QB Rob Johnson.

Carolina RB Tshimanga Biakabutuka, CB Doug Evans, DT Sean Gilbert, DB Jimmy Hitchcock, LB Dean Wells.

Chicago RB Autry Denson, OG Kevin Dogins, DB Than Merrill (recalled), DT Robert Newkirk, QB Danny Wuerffel.

Cincinnati OT John Jackson, LB Riall Johnson, DE Jevon Langford, TE Tony McGee, OT Jamain Stephens.

Cleveland LB Brant Boyer (recalled), DB Lamar Chapman, CB Corey Fuller, OG Jeremy McKinney, OT Roman Oben.

Dallas OG Ben Fricke (recalled), TE Johnny Huggins, TE Mike Solwold, C Mark Stepnoski, S George Teague.

Denver DT Jerry Johnson, WR Phil McGeoghan, DE Kavika Pittman, LB Bill Romanowski, RB Detron Smith.

Detroit TE Brad Banta, QB Charlie Batch, RB Reuben Droughns, S Kurt Schultz, RB James Stewart.

Green Bay C Rob Davis, DT Santana Dotson, LB Bernardo Harris, DE John Thierry, LB K.D. Williams.

Indianapolis CB Jeff Burris, DB Chad Cota, TE Ken Dilger, DT Ellis Johnson, DT Mike Wells.

Jacksonville OT Tony Boselli, WR Keenan McCardell, DT Seth Payne, DT Gary Walker, OG Zach Wiegert.

Kansas City DB Taje Allen, WR Derrick Alexander, DT Nate Hobgood-Chittick, WR Larry Parker, DB Bracy Walker.

Miami DT Tim Bowens, OG Heath Irwin, TE Hunter Goodwin, LB Scott Galyon, RB James Johnson.

Minnesota OT Brad Badger, LB Ed McDaniel, DB Robert Tate, DB Orlando Thomas, WR Troy Walters.

New England WR Charles Johnson, LB Ted Johnson, LB Willie McGinest, CB Terrance Shaw, S Matt Stevens.

New Orleans OG Tom Ackerman, QB Jeff Blake, S Richard Newsome, LB Darrin Smith, OG Wally Williams.

New York Giants LB Jessie Armstead, DB Sam Garnes, DE Kenny Holmes, OG Glenn Parker, DB Dave Thomas.

New York Jets DT Shane Burton, CB Marcus Coleman, CB Aaron Glenn, DB Chris Hayes, OT Ryan Young.

Oakland LB Elijah Alexander, RB Terry Kirby, WR Marcus Knight, DB Marquez Pope, DT Josh Taves.

Philadelphia CB Darrel Crutchfield, CB William Hampton (recalled), OT Ryan Schau, WR Gari Scott, TE Jeff Thomason.

Pittsburgh WR Troy Edwards, FB Jon Witman, C Mike Schneck, OL Roger Duffy, WR Will Blackwell.

St. Louis LB Brian Allen, LB Mark Fields, CB Jacoby Shepherd, OT Ryan Tucker, RB Justin Watson.

San Diego QB Dave Dickenson, LB Deon Humphrey, TE Freddie Jones, RB Fred McCrary, DB Jason Perry.

San Francisco TE Greg Clark, S John Keith, C Ben Lynch, DT Reggie McGrew, DB Anthony Parker.

Seattle WR Fabien Bownes, C J.P. Darche (recalled), DB Paul Miranda, RB-PR Charlie Rogers, DE Michael Sinclair.

Tampa Bay LB Jeff Gooch, DE Marcus Jones (recalled), OG Randall McDaniel, TE Sean McDermott, DB Eric Vance.

Tennessee DB Michael Booker, DB DeRon Jenkins, OG Bruce Matthews, WR Chris Sanders, DE Juqua Thomas.

Washington C Ethan Albright, RB Michael Bates, OG Matt Campbell, DT Jerry DeLoach (recalled), WR Kevin Lockett.

09-13-2006, 10:23 PM
here are mine

QB Jeff Blake
RB James Stewart
RB Tim Biakabutuka
WR Keenan McCardell
WR Troy Edwards
TE Ken Dilger
OL Heath Irwin
OL Brad Badger
OL Tom Ackerman
OL Wally Williams
DL Gary Walker
DL Kenny Holmes
LB Jesse Armistead
LB Willie McGinnest
LB Ted Johnson
LB Jamie Sharper
DB Aaron Glenn
DB Marcus Coleman
DB Chad Cota

Then with the first pick in the draft, I would have picked up...Julius Peppers Defensive End UNC
Second Round: Tank Williams, or though I hate to say it I wouldve picked Eric Crouch in the 3rd