View Full Version : Second guessing YOU

09-13-2006, 07:19 PM
All this second guessing going on around here I figured why not see what would have happened had you been in charge.. Or ME.... My experience with any level of football has always been the 4-3 so it may show in my picks.

1.) Kenechi Udeze

2.) Dontarrious Thomas


1.) Derrick Johnson (But if I had my way I really wanted to trade up for Merriman)

2.) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Your welcome Oakland)


1.) D'Brickashaw Ferguson: I flip-flopped more on this pick then any other. Bush,Young,Mario......None would be here had you put me in charge.

2.) Abdul Hodge (Yeah I know he was a 3rd round pick, but at the time I thought he was 2nd rounder.)

Now not all of my picks were bad, but I don't see any brilliance going on. Udeze is still looking like a good pick for me. Now its your turn, be honest, what did you really want?

09-13-2006, 08:28 PM
1. Sean Taylor was first choice, but then I was actually hoping for DRob or DeAngelo Hall
2. T Shawn Andrews or TE Ben Troupe

1. Derrick Johnson
2. G David Baas

1. VY (but when it became evident that wasn't happening I honestly wanted anyone but Bush)
2. Ko Simpson