View Full Version : The Red Zone: The Scourge of Our Existence

09-11-2006, 10:22 AM
So here we are again. Our offense actually looked managable in our first game (at least our passing game did), and our defense looked like it still needs quite a bit of work. But there's one thing I keep noticing with our team that recurs every year...the dreaded Red Zone

Our first Red Zone attempt came with 2:24 left in the first half following a 44 yard pass from Carr to Johnson putting us at the Phi 5. Our play calling went as follows:

1-5-PHI5 (2:24) W.Lundy left tackle to PHI 7 for -2 yards (M.Patterson, T.Cole).
2-7-PHI7 (2:00) D.Carr sacked at PHI 16 for -9 yards (M.Lewis).
3-16-PHI16 (1:15) D.Carr pass incomplete short right (J.Trotter).
4-16-PHI16 (1:07) K.Brown 34 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-B.Pittman, Holder-C.Stanley

Our next, and final Red Zone attempt came with 9:33 left in the 4th Quarter. The play calling went as such:

2-6-PHI19 (9:33) D.Carr pass incomplete short right to J.Putzier (M.Lewis).
3-6-PHI19 (9:26) D.Carr scrambles right end ran ob at PHI 17 for 2 yards (M.Patterson).
4-4-PHI17 (9:00) D.Carr pass incomplete short right to A.Johnson (S.Considine).

So...for the entire game, we ran exactly 6 plays (excluding the field goal) inside the Philadelphia 20. That's 0-2-0% folks. Ouch.

Here's last year's averages (per game) for comparison:


Obvioulsy the coaching staff knows about this abysmal performance and are working to correct it...I just wanted everyone to get a feel for exactly why we have so many problems scoring. I would hope we'd take a page out of Hank Stam's old philosophy and work more on simply "matriculating the football".