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08-28-2006, 06:48 PM
by Ric Sweeney

When Bob McNair met with Gary Kubiak to discuss the teamís vacant head coaching position, he likely had only one thing on his mind. And it wasnít Kubiakís five-year plan or the former Denver assistantís intimate knowledge of the zone blocking scheme. He certainly didnít care whether Kubiak preferred Reggie Bush to Vince Young or had some other prospect in mind. Not yet, anyway.

No, what McNair wanted to know had burned a hole through his offseason and haunted him most of last year. It was the same question he had asked many others previously, from Dan Reeves and Charley Casserly likely all the way down to the kid sacking his groceries at the local HEB. The same question that had dotted each and every move the team made this offseason after closing the book on their 2-14 year; the same question that Texan fans have been asking for years:

Was David Carr capable of leading this team to a Super Bowl?

I hate to have another Carr thread, but I thought it was a decent read and not a Bashing.. This could be a very real possibility in the future.

08-28-2006, 07:02 PM
This is the only part of the article I agree with:

But how long is the leash? If heís not appreciably better by, say, the teamís byeÖ or maybe midseasonÖ when, officially does the David Carr era take a backseat to the winning era?

It's only the preseason, it's way too early to early to fairly evaluate Carr or any other players at this point.

08-28-2006, 07:12 PM

Ric on the link explained the article..
Originally posted by Dave
I'm not asking everybody to throw a parade, but for cripes sake, could we at least wait until the games count before we start clamoring to see Rosenfels?

whoa, whoa, whoa Ė iím clamoring only to see the 22 (and change) best men on the field come september 10; iíve not called for carrís benching, rosenfelsí promotion or given up on kubiak and his system.


quote:Originally posted by Dave
Although, I find your contention that Rosenfels is inarguably the best QB on the Texans based on 8 quarters of preseason football during which Sage has taken not one snap against an opponents first team, perplexing.

heís been the best QB; i think thatís bordering on irrefutable. itís not results, per se, either Ė he simply looks more comfortable in the pocket. plays develop smoother when he's in. and yeah, its against the 2nd team; itís also with the 2nd team. the difference in rosenfelsí pocket presence and carrís is night and day. right now.

quote:Originally posted by coachwhite
Exactly what in the hell has Sage Rosenfels ever done in the NFL?

honestly? about as much as david carr.

quote:Originally posted by texanfan
*****.....RIC -- Bob McNair just gave Capers four YEARS. You on the other hand -- are only letting Kubes get in to week 3 of his 1st preseason?? WTF?

yeah; one of my biggest complaints about the organization Ė it reacts about as quickly FEMA.

but reread (or read) the article; i donít pull the covers over carr. the article was intended only as an examination of what could potentially be a sticky situation.

frankly, i could have written three months ago.