View Full Version : What do you guys think about that late round pick from UVA?

08-19-2006, 10:43 PM
Wali World

08-19-2006, 11:19 PM
Wali will make our squad.. he has done very well thus far but he needs to be coached on some things and i think he will do a great job this year in the regular season.:ok:

08-19-2006, 11:33 PM
The word "steal" comes to mind when Im reminded we got him in the 6th round . . .

08-20-2006, 01:13 AM
He's got to do a better job picking up the blitz. Maybe Al Groh should have worked with him a little more on that. Other than that, he's been tremendous. The Texans have some good depth at running back right now.

08-20-2006, 03:45 AM
He is what he is. A 6th round RB. No more, no less IMO. He's been impressive but I think it's mostly because of the Oline. I don't see many punishing hits or broken tackles. He's a guy with good vision who's going to take what the Oline will give him. But I don't expect him to move piles or anything.

08-20-2006, 04:11 AM
If he cant pick up the blitz by game 4 he could fall to 3rd string. he hits the holes quick no doubt about it, but no pop and no pass blocking will cut his chances. Kubiak does not accept one dimensional players, you do it all or you step aside. Morency is faster, breaks tackles and can block even better than DD (which aint alot). as much promise as lundy shows I cringe for Carr if lundy has to play too many snaps. we need a back that can help out with the extra blitzers or carr will be gun shy all year. we may add another back before too long. Kubiak sees whats going on also I'm sure.

08-20-2006, 04:18 AM
move piles like bush does? oh no i forgot hes a ballerina.