View Full Version : Is there a possibility in the future to tweak the ZBC?

08-12-2006, 11:25 PM
this is from the game day thread and I admit i don't know a thing about the Zone blocking scheme

astute observation about zone blocking schemes Cloak. Zone blocking teams are notorious for struggling in short yardage/goal line situations running in conventional smash mouth situations. We will be pretty hefty on the left side if we end up with Pitts next to Spencer though. These are some pretty big men that have the feet of mere 300 pounders (how ridiculous does that sound?). :cool:

with that said
Vinny, (this is probably crazy a thought) but with spencer and Winston (if they develop and become starters),and being they are bigger than normal zone blocking lineman(I think TC had a blog about the size of Denver at one time) .

Is it possible for a tweak in the system where in goal line situations we are able to do some (don't know how to describe it) Zone Blocking but with some smashmouth style ..?