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08-12-2006, 11:02 AM
Hey gang,

This forum will probably go though a few changes in the next week so please bear with us. To keep this forum on-topic, troll free and blog-specific, all the new threads are being moderated before they hit the canvas. There will be a little real-time delay when you make a new thread, so please allow a little lag for now. This may change as we monitor this forum closely this week, but we are trying hard to give you a place where the fans can have 'cleaner' commentary as it pertains to the bloggers than say in the high traffic and often off-topic Bull Pen.

If you have a comment about one of the blogs, or want to say something to any of the bloggers please either start a thread or fire away in an existing thread. Just remember that your post will not show up in real time at this time.....and like I said, this is subject to change.

Thanks for your patience,