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08-07-2006, 03:13 PM

Inside Slant
When Sage Rosenfels started getting offers from teams around the league, the Texans stood out above the others. It wasn't so much the pitch they made to the free agent, but more who was pitching it.
New Texans coach Gary Kubiak was already familiar to Rosenfels, a four-year veteran who backed up Gus Frerotte at Miami this past season. After talking with Kubiak, Rosenfels turned down his other offers and headed to Houston.

"He's one of the main reasons I came here," Rosenfels said. "I talked with one of his former (Denver) quarterbacks, Brian Griese. He had so many good things to say about coach. I knew if I signed with the Texans that I could learn a lot and improve my game."

Attention is always focused on Carr for obvious reasons, but Rosenfels has picked up the system installed by Kubiak and offensive coordinator Troy Calhoun. He's looked good in training camp.

"You can learn so much in this system," Rosenfels said. "He's (Kubiak) been successful coaching this system. The best thing is that you can see us improving every day. The more we learn, the fewer mental errors we're making."

Rosenfels played at Iowa State and was drafted in the fourth round by Washington in 2001. The Redskins traded him to Miami in 2002.

Last season, Nick Saban's first with the Dolphins, Rosenfels came off the bench to complete 34 of 61 attempts (55.8 percent) for 462 yards and four touchdowns. He threw three interceptions and compiled a passer rating of 81.5.

Rosenfels, 28, is 6-4, 225. Kubiak and Calhoun like the way he can throw on the run, which their offense requires. He's got nice touch on his passes, and he puts the ball where it's supposed to go.

"Sage's a pro, a leader who does his job every day in businesslike fashion," Kubiak said. "He's very confident. He leads by example. The guys respect him because he works so hard to learn and to get better."

Tony Banks had been backing up Carr, but the new staff wanted Rosenfels.

"One of the many things Sage does well is to make David better every day," Kubiak said. "There's nothing like peer pressure to make players better, and it doesn't matter what position they play. And that's something I like to see."

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"You root for him. You really root for the kid because you know what he's been through the last three years. He basically changed his body. From what I understand, he went from a 250 pound player to 230 now. We're wearing him out. He's playing all over the place, and you root for a kid like that, and he's well on this way to being a big part of this team." — coach Gary Kubiak on TE Bennie Joppru, who has yet to play in the NFL because of three season-ending surgeries. Kubiak has him working some at fullback in practice.

There's more to the story. Just thought I'd post the part on Sage and Bennie