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07-30-2006, 02:11 PM
I didn't see keith's article posted and if is, my apology

Safe to say that wide receiver Andre Johnson is already back in Pro Bowl form. He basically made poor Dunta chase after him all morning long. Johnson beat him deep, Johnson beat him inside, and Johnson beat him outside. Johnson beat him high. Johnson beat him low. You get the picture yet?


While I continue talking about cornerbacks, I am going to drop just one name I think everyone should keep an eye on as we progress through training camp. John Walker. He hails from USC (that’s Southern Cal, Mr. McNair, not your alma mater in South Carolina), but for being from such a high-profile program, Walker seemed to fly a bit under the radar.

Strange, since the Hawaiian-born corner has a resume that includes appearances on television shows such as “E.R.” and “7th Heaven”. Blame it on the stage. A clause in his acting contract kept him from playing football until he was in high school. Such drama nerds! Walker also played wide receiver for the Trojans as a junior, and after returning to corner in 2005, missed some time with an ankle sprain.

So consider Walker raw, but with plenty of upside. Or in stage terms, he is maybe someone to watch come Act III. Walker has the size of a cover-2 corner at 6’1”. His weight is all in his upper body, making him someone capable of bumping pro receivers off their routes once he figures out the technique to do it.

Currently, Walker trails Lewis Sanders and Chris McKenzie on the depth chart, but with guidance from defensive backs coach Jon Hoke, Walker is definitely one to watch.

I think TC or AJ mentioned him before somewhere