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07-26-2006, 10:07 PM
I am doing previews of all the AFC South's teams on our site and I got through three of them so far...............I thought you guys might like to read it and discuss it further.........................

Today at 01:58 PM


Houston Texans

Team overview

The Texans lifespan in the AFC South is akin to a patient on life support. They have underperformed for yrs and have been badly mismanaged by the GM and coaching staff. Credit goes to Bob McNair in 2006, for getting outside the group think mindset and hiring Dan Reeves to re evaluate the Texans drafts and moves. It became clear to the "Brass" of the Texans that Casserly and Capers were not the dynamic duo they were thought to be once. Their performance in Houston matched that of another Houston icon. Enron. We clearly see how that went. The Texans seem to finally get the message and have now changed their tactics on winning football by choosing a new coach GM and a new way of doing business. Never was this more evident on the eve of the draft when they shocked the football world by telling Reggie Bush he was second best in their estimation. Most have flamed the Texans for this move, but count this author as one who thinks the move was smart long term and fit their needs best. Moreover, their other FA moves this offseason was may have been the first smart moves the Texans have made since 2002. Adding Moulds and Putzier were brilliant. This team is on the upswing. Now will Carr reach his potential or will the great experiment fail. If he flops, passing on VY could set this team back a decade.

Coaching staff

Reeves was the prime mover bringing a young Kubiak into town. Most folks on the outside assumed that Kubiak would transform the anemic Texan O with Bush and revamp the OL very quickly in his tenure. Kubiak's tact was exactly the opposite. His philosophy was formed not only from his days as a QB but as astute student of the game while a coach in Denver. He played in and coached a dominate O while in Denver but he never forgot the moves that had to be made in 97-98 on D that really made the Broncos a winner. Having TD as a RB certainly did not hurt, but the yr of the first SB win they struggled to just get in to the playoffs as a WC and their D played outstanding the the final 6 weeks of the season and were stoudt in the front 7 in their playoff run to the SB title. Kubiak saw the Broncos get better on the OL and DL in 98 and repeat. Many give the credit to TD and all his yds but the real engine behind Denver's wins was the play of the OL and DL those two yrs. Kubiak's plan was born this offseason when he studied all preseason and regular season tapes from the Texans in 2004 and 2005 and realized that the weakness of the Texan OL was not in talent but in an outdate blocking scheme from the mid 1990's. Very few adjustments were made quarter by quarter and game to game. Moreover, the GM and coaches seem married to their choices in scheme and talent until it became obvious to the owner something was wrong. The Texans made the unpopular choice of passing on bush but in doing so revamped their entire DL by taking a talented DE and switching their DL to a 4-3 which better suits the talent they have currently on the roster. They followed that up by securing solid LB in this yrs draft and giving the OL some depth at OT by taking Winston. Many think they did not go far enough with their OL revamping but most insiders think Reeves and Kubiak know full well that Capers was completely hands off with the OL his entire tenure and turned that over to Chris Palmer and Joe Pendry the last two yrs. Those two coaches used schemes that both had used in prior stints in this league at different times that were just outmoded. Kubiak scheme is fresh and battle tested in the current league and he has tied his reputation to getting this OL back with coaching. He also passed on big FA signings and secured a still good Moulds to play opposite a completely frustated WR in AJ. They already have a pretty solid RB core and they shored up the TE postion with spackle to get them buy until they can use a 2007 draft pick to strengthen this weakness. They have jettisoned some of Casserly's draft mistakes and they will likley salvage some of his picks like Babin and TJohnson. Even PBuch may improve with the upgrades they have made to their front 7. Count me as impressed with what Kubiak has done to date. Losing Casserly Pendry Fangio and Capers give the Texans three extra wins to me alone.

The Texan Offense

The Offensive Line will determine how good this team will be. They have a very nice complement to skill players already assembled. But few know that Mike Sherman of the GB packers is reclaiming this OL. In 2005 the Texan OL had an astounding 40 blown blocks lead to complete breakdowns before any play could develop. The most astounding fact Reeves and Kubiak uncovered was that close to 10 percent of the Texans pass plays had a blown block within it far exceeding the rate attributable to just poor talent. It was the scheme, and Reeves agreed. Gary Kubiak will bring a zone blocking system to Houston. Likely staters are right tackle Zach Weigert, left tackle Seth Wand, guards Chester Pitts and Steve McKinney, and center Mike Flanagan was asked to lose weight and get quicker for the new schemes that require them to get out of the blocks quickly and get on a linebacker or safety. Eric Winston looks to be a real nice find in the later rounds. I expect this group's perfromance to improve the most of any group in the entire AFC South. Moulds AJ and Mathis Putzier and DD are very solid group. They have solid reserves behind them all. Carr is an enigma because no one can say truly if he is a bust or did the OL in Houston bust him. Kubiak actions have spoken louder than words, and given his reputation, only a foolish fan would not pay attention this nugget. I think the Texan Offense may be second best in the AFC South this yr. Blasphemy? Maybe but they have many pieces in place and appear to finally have competent coaching and stewartship.

The Defense

Mario Robaire TJohnson and Anthony Weaver.................not too shabby a front four................back it up with Babin Peek and some wide bodies at DT...............then they have Ryans at SOLB Wong at MLB and Greenwood at the WOLB...............moreover, their backups will be Cowart and Rainer, who have starter a long time in this league and Polk who registered 93 tackles last yr................I say their front 7 is loaded. Their DL has the potential to free up every LB to make plays sideline to sideline in the run game...................they maybe a bit suspectible to the TE in the pass game but they will be much better than anyone in Indy Jax or Nashville think. Their secondary will benefit from the scheme change and the improved pass rush that Mario brings. But D-Rob regressed badly last yr...............PBuch made Adam Jone look like a tackling machine, and Faggins was just adequate as the nickle. The SS and FS spot is the soft white underbelly of this D. CC Brown had his moments last yr but he is better suited to SS and not FS.............Earl is an unknown quatity but with their new front seven only a fool would exprect this group to be worse than 05. This is the area I expect the Texans to upgrade in FA and the draft in 07.

Special Teams

The Texans have a solid K in Brown and P in Stanley. Stanley has lead the league in Punts inside the 20 since 2002 with 120. and Brown was 24 of 26 in FG and had his highest scoring output last yr on a bad Texan team. The ST are clearly in a state of flux because their will be a ton of turnover with the losses sustained on the roster and likely demotions to occur after training camp battles. They have enough depth at LB and CB that I think with minor adjustments ST will be adequate. It will take several yrs to get back some depth here. I think Mathis is a star ST performer and a difference maker. He can take any ball to the house fast. I think this part of the Texans overall is avg but has the chance to be special if starters are asked to play teams. The Texan draft likely did little to help ST out much this yr.

Final Preview

It should be obvious to you that I think the Texans are alot better than most would believe on the surface. I think they were coached and managed like a circus sideshow and that Kubiak is a different animal. He has brought in Sherman who is a very solid OL and OC in his own right. They also have a former Oiler ST and TE coach from the late 80's in Rick Smith as GM. He comes from a successful Denver program and gives the Texan continuity at HC and GM. He too has addressed the teams biggest weakness which was on D and not the OL. Being a contrarian here was smart because the proof was in the coaches tape and not on the ESPN highlights. The front seven of this D will be vastly improved and shock many teams early. I think their opener against Philly is perfect. I expect and upset win by the upstart Texans. They Texans have made bold and wildly unpopular moves. Previously, this team made predictable moves and got pedestrian results....................Count me as one who thinks the Houston Texans will be a far differnt animal this yr in the AFC SOUTH. By season end i think they will be a tough out and I think David Carr will emerge as a very good QB with alot of weapons around him. The new zone blocking scheme made OGary and MAnderson and Clinton Portis household names in the this league and I think the Texans have some real solid player behind DD that will do quite well behind the new OL and its scheme................I see the Texans winning 6 games but with some breaks and elite play from Carr or DD and the OL..........they could win 9. Yes 2006 is a new yr.

07-26-2006, 10:28 PM
They also have a former Oiler ST and TE coach from the late 80's in Rick Smith as GM.


then they have Ryans at SOLB

Probably not.

Kaiser Toro
07-26-2006, 10:28 PM
Do not disagree with your good analysis. Thanks for sharing.

07-26-2006, 10:36 PM
I like your overall analysis...On defense you have the correct names but not in the right spot...as of now

LE- Mario Williams
LT- Weaver
RT- Payne/ R. smith
RE- Peek Babin

Travis Johnson was injuried/in the dog house in OTA

IF wong healthy, I think looks like

SLB- Wong (orr if Wong not healthy)
MLB- Ryans (see Kubiak presser)
WLB- Greenwood

07-26-2006, 10:57 PM
Good read bongo. Thanks for sharing.

Its good to see a "neutral" source from someone who is a fan from within the conference (Titans fan) without all of the ESPN bashing that we're used to.

07-26-2006, 11:00 PM
Good read bongo. Thanks for sharing.

Its good to see a "neutral" source from someone who is a fan from within the conference (Titans fan) without all of the ESPN bashing that we're used to.

Heck, it is good to see someone who can't be called a homer provide a little balance.

07-26-2006, 11:13 PM
I'd drop the Enron crap, and listen to ArlingtonTexan about the defensive guys playing where. Also you make no mention of Charles Spencer who may end up starting at LTsometime this season. He seems to be ahead of Winston(RT) on the Depth Chart. If Wand flounders he maybe gone.

07-26-2006, 11:17 PM
I don't know if I'd call Kris Brown a solid kicker. After last year, I'd but him in the bottom tier of NFL kickers. If a game is on the line, I don't really want Kris Brown up there.

07-27-2006, 03:24 AM
"But few know that Mike Sherman of the GB packers is reclaiming this OL. In 2005 the Texan OL had an astounding 40 blown blocks lead to complete breakdowns before any play could develop. The most astounding fact Reeves and Kubiak uncovered was that close to 10 percent of the Texans pass plays had a blown block within it far exceeding the rate attributable to just poor talent. It was the scheme, and Reeves agreed."

What is the source of this and can you expand on what they saw. This I believe is what a lot of us believed was happening. The reason I ask the question is that we are using basically the same scheme. Was it just the way it was employed and taught? Who were the main culprits?

07-27-2006, 07:32 AM
"But few know that Mike Sherman of the GB packers is reclaiming this OL. In 2005 the Texan OL had an astounding 40 blown blocks lead to complete breakdowns before any play could develop. The most astounding fact Reeves and Kubiak uncovered was that close to 10 percent of the Texans pass plays had a blown block within it far exceeding the rate attributable to just poor talent. It was the scheme, and Reeves agreed."

What is the source of this and can you expand on what they saw. This I believe is what a lot of us believed was happening. The reason I ask the question is that we are using basically the same scheme. Was it just the way it was employed and taught? Who were the main culprits?The source was one of the Texan personal men that spoke to titan scout just after the draft ................It became common knowledge around the league what Reeves found and why him and Kubiak wanted to give the OL a chance and why CC was asked to leave gracefully.

07-27-2006, 07:53 AM
The most astounding fact Reeves and Kubiak uncovered was that close to 10 percent of the Texans pass plays had a blown block within it far exceeding the rate attributable to just poor talent. It was the scheme, and Reeves agreed."

What is the source of this and can you expand on what they saw. This I believe is what a lot of us believed was happening. The reason I ask the question is that we are using basically the same scheme. Was it just the way it was employed and taught? Who were the main culprits?

Ibar--the quote above specifically refers to pass blocking. The Texans are not sticking with the same pass blocking scheme--see references in bongo's article to outdated scheme from the '90's--that isn't talking about the zone blocking scheme for the running game.

07-27-2006, 08:21 AM

I am fairly certain it is just a typo and he meant to type "and" instead of "in"

07-27-2006, 09:55 AM
Yes it was a typo. Sorry about that..........

07-27-2006, 10:15 AM
Yes it was a typo. Sorry about that..........

Richard Smith was the ex-Oiler coach now defensive coordinator. Rick Smith is GM formerly of the Broncos. 2 different people.

Also Charles Spencer is in the mix at LT, maybe more than Eric Winston is at RT.

Not sure about some of the positional stuff you said. You got info for that, or are you extrapolating. :spy:

Thanks for sharing your point of view. I think what you said on whole is pretty accurate, even if some of the details are a little off. Certainly, it is better (and probably nicer :cool: ) than what I could write about the Titans.

07-27-2006, 01:11 PM
here is the Titan preview................

The Tennessee Titans


The Titans Caravan clearly is at a crossroads. Gone now are the stars that gave the Titans their identity. Wycheck, Hopkins, EG, Kearse, Rolle, Mason, and now Steve Mcnair. The dawn of the new Titan era arrived as soon as Vince Young was named a Titan at 12:43 Eastern Time the day of the draft. The evolution continued with the selection of a new power RB in Lendale White and was further reinforced with the signing of five key FA. 4 new players and the key resigning of KVB. Floyd Reese clearly heard the voices of the vets in the lockerroom that cried out for change. Jeff Fisher lost control of his key rookie player and it translated into a total loss of team chemistry and trust. This was reflected in the last two games of the 2005 season. The FO and coaching staff have now physically and mentally cut the umbilical cord to the past of the Titans and have have decided to go fundamental in their approach with the new Titans. Even the coliseum has been renamed for this rebirth. Coach Chow and Schwartz have been given the mandate to to run the ball and stop the run at all costs, and position coaches will now be given more say in getting the most out of the younger players instead of counting on seasoned players to right the ship. Accountability has returned to the lockerroom and winning players have imported character back to a undisciplined squad. 2005 was a season where the team took a huge step backward, whereas in 2006, it appears the FO and staff have made the changes neccessary to stop the outgoing tide. The only thing left to unfold now is will the players respond to the new envirnoment........................

The Coaching Staff

The bloom is off the rose for Coach Fisher and his staff. His solid national reputation is now questioned locally, and more importantly by his owner. Fisher has one yr left on a contract, and his staff is also on a short leash. The young roster is long on players with physical skills and talent must blossum and produce in 2006 for Fisher to keep his job. Mr Reese seat is also warm, but he has given Fisher exactly what the staff asked for at the exit interviews conducted last yr. Excuses will no longer cut it in Mr Adams eyes. Fisher penchant for keeping and at times playing a vet over a more talented rookie will be scrutinized early in TC. His loyalty is likely to be challenged in August during cutdowns. His strained relationship with Reese is now public knowledge and he is under pressure to get this young team to produce results sooner than later. The salty taste of the last two games of last yr is a clear reflection of the HC and his staff. Things must change and Fisher has clearly set a different tone in this season OTA's and how he plans to run his team this yr. He has expectations for this team that far exceed those of most observers. The heat extends to staff as well. Coach chow was given a mulligan for last yr for the injuries to the WR and the fact that his vet QB did not give his best effort in the new offense. But Coach Chow was given new tools at WR RB and QB. He was also given a HOF C to rebuild the OL around to create a power running game reminescent of EG days here in Nashville. Schwartz job would seem more complicated given the distractions that occured with Adam Jones and some of the vet Defensive players in the lockerrom last yr . Jones seems to have turned a new leaf and the additions of Thorton and Hope from very successful teams seems to have changed the edge on D already. The team remains very young along the front line but the talent runs two deep at every position in the defensive front 7. Coach Washburn will need to get every ounce of talent from this underachieving group this coming yr. Munch is perhaps the one coach that cant wait to get 2006 started. The OL performance can only go up. It was abysmal in 2005. His group was perhaps the crumbling stone in the foundation that undermined the entire offensive collapse last yr. The performance of the players was the main issue last yr, but getting Roos experience and moving over to his natural spot at LT and bringing in a HOF C with high character and a legendary motor will help. Munch needs his OG to drop weight and forget lasts yrs nightmare performance. Munch will be judged on how the RT spot performs this yr and if Volek is left standing after the first 6 weeks he will face.

The Offense

The keys have been given to Volek and it is his time to show what he has. His fortune is tied to an OL that is revamped and more athletic and younger. The running game should be better with a three deep rotation at RB and the addition of a very underated WR in Givens who is a great downfiled blocker who is physical. The TE's will demand attention and the Titans should be able to attack the seams of even the best D's they will face given their personal. They are deeper than just about any team at TE in the entire league. The key's to this yr's success in the pass game will Bennett revert back to his 2004 yr with another capable WR opposite him and Volek at QB. Can Calico or the 2005 rookie crop of WR give the Titans the deep threat the Offense lost when JMac was traded away. the depth at WR is there. Their best young WR likely will be out until week six is complete. The key on O is running the ball controlling the clock and limiting the mistakes from the QB spot especially the first 6 weeks when the young O will face some truly elite defensive clubs. The fortunes on O heavily rely on the OL especially the play of the new RT and LT. This answer will be obvious by week two when the team faces a fiercesome front 7 from SD. Lendale White has a chance to special early. Coach Chow has a comfort level with him already that will only benefit this player. VY is the wild card..............he could sit all yr or he could be the key to a resurgent Titan O that eats clock and moves the chains at a constant pace. I bet he will make an appearance in every game and he will make an impact sometime this yr. He is too good to sit and he seems to be picking up the pro game faster than the experts believed he would. His leadership is obvious. He already has shown the ability to lead in OTA's. He is a difference maker.

The Defense

This is one area where there is much hope. The front seven has a chance to be dominate if they can stay healthy. Haynesworth has yet to play in 16 games. At times he is the best player on the field and at others he is invisible. the depth at DT is solid and deep. Starks and Long are solid and Mahelona and Clauss are good depth behind a solid rotation. The same can be said of the young pups at DE. Odom Schobel and Laboy have been dissappointing but the light clearly went on for Laboy in 2005's second half. He really stepped it up but injuries have slowed his progress. Odom had a great preseason in 2005 but his sister's death and his recovery from surgery took alot out of him mentally and physically. He has all the tools. Schobel has been a major dissapoointment but injuries have derailed him and kept him off the field. He has the blood lines and the opportunity to change his fortunes given the penchant for rotation in JS system. KVB numbers will fall off because he is now a marked man and will be accounted for at all times, but his motor will keep him in the mix all yr. His issue is he must remain on the field all yr to make this D special. His play will be more infectious given the talent infusion brought in to date. OLB and MLB were a gaping holes last yr. Many of the faults in run and pass D started and ended at this spot because of a huge talent gap that was removed with a lack of cap dollars. Thorton and Bulluck may form the best OLB crew in the AFC this yr. No team has a duo who can play the outside pass game like these two have shown over the past four yrs. Bulluck was deflated at the end of 2005 but the additions to the team on D, and the attitude adjustment the team has gotten seems to have given him the edge back he lost. Sirmon moving inside is a plus. Given his slow foot speed and sure tackling and cerebral appraoch he is a better fit in the middle than outside. The additions of Nande and Tulloch may make him expendable and if nothing else their speed, tackling, and physicallity will improve depth on D and performance on ST. No area is under a bigger microscope than CB. Most experts agree that the secondary was the weak link of the team. The addition of Hope and his attention to detail and his paternalistic approach to date with Jones and Hill look to have made a huge impact. Jones performance can only improve from his rookie campaign in 2005. His play at CB was poor. Hill's surpising play, however balanced the scales at CB last yr and the staff is looking at him continuing his improvement in yr two with his experience he got on the job last yr. Many point to a lack of depth at CB but they underestimate the loss of Fuller and and the fact that Thompson will now be able to used in coverage against 3 and 4 WR sets which will be common place in the AFC South this yr. Woolfolk is an adeqaute back at the nickle and can play outside in a pinch and Gardner has a chance to move up with Waddell's injury................Look for Finnegan to surprise many in Titanland. He is very fast and appears to have better ball skills than advertised.......................he will be tested early in camp when the pads are on...................S was a problem last yr but this yr the position seems very deep with Fuller back Hope installed and Thompson back for depth. Lowry will also make his presence felt at some point in 2006. He is very cerebral and has a knack of being around the ball. The S spot will gain a ton by having Thorton and Bulluck on the outside taking the flats and seams away from teams on both sides of the field. I expect the S spot to be the biggest improvement in the Titan D. The additions will make it easier to attack teams with blitzes this yr for the first time since 2003. There is alot of flexibilty now at all three levels on D.

Special Teams

Hentrich is steady and dependable. I expect his performance to improve with the offense getting better and the defense tightening up. His role will once again gain importance. I think on a more competitive team he gets into his game mentally and his performance improves. Finding Bironas off an Arena team was another bonus. I expect Rob to dominate on KO's but I expect Bironas will face more pressue on FG's because I expect the team to be in more games late. This is the only area of ST that worries me. Bironas'KO's however are a clear plus. The play of Waddell at gunner will be sorely missed on punt and KO coverage but I expect that to be offset by Nande and Tulloch and Wade on ST's. Wade may also be in the mix for gunner as he seems to have a nasty edge to him. Amato will also return to action and is a stoudt ST player. While most have considered Gardner a bust he earned points on ST's especially last yr. He could stick just from his ST performance alone. He will replace Waddell as our number one gunner. I expect a rookie CB to make a push on ST. Finnegan is a guy to watch. He is super fast. Lowry I think will lead ST in tackles this yr. The guy is extremely physical and smart and very underrated. I also expect to see some starters be on ST this yr because over depth is improved. ST play will be solid in 2006 unless injuries cause younger players to start and remove them from teams. Much talk has been made about Wade taking over for Adam Jones on punts but that would be a classic Fisher mistake since the one part of Jones game that is clearly elite is his ST play. He needs to be the punt returner regardless of his contribution on D. Tim Brown did double duty the first 12 yrs of his career and so can Jones. KO returner will come down to Roby, Jones and Wade..............in a rotation...............but a birdie tells me that a rookie RB may make his initial splash in this spot................Regardless ST is a strong spot on this team.


The FO made a conscious effort to bring in winners in FA and at the same time upgrading key spots that were devoid of talent during the cap purge. Mawae will have a great effect on the young OT and a bigger effect on the vet OG. Roos should make a huge jump this yr going back to his natural slot and having 16 games under his belt. I expect the OG and S to show large strides in performance compared to 05. The front 7 on D could make this team a tough out, and they may carry a young unproven CB group. This D has the abilty to generate TO's that could mask many short comings that have been discussed this offseason. The early schedule is tough but if the Titans can navigate the first 6 games they have a chance to win more than the 6 games that most expect. I would expect the OL and QB play to hold the team back early but I expect a very strong second half and a big improvement from the last two draft classes to show up performance wise in 2006. Ultimately, this team's chemistry needed reformulation but I credit both Reese and Fisher in getting this right with the additions they made and moving camp out of everyone's comfort zone. They have them headed down a path to getting back to basics and playing very physical and nasty football. The incorporation of LenDale White and Vince Young could make this team perform far better than one would predict because both are elite playmakers. Moreover, I do think that the division has come back to the Titans and to the Texans. I see the Jags not matching 12 wins and I think the Colts schedule and FA losses are going to limit their win total compared to the last two yrs. They are both still the class of the South but a key injury to either could make them doormats very quickly in this improved division. Expect this team to grow week to week and play their hearts out. I see 6 wins personally, but eight to ten wins are possible if the Titans get some of their more talented players to play in elite status in 2006. I think one of rookie Offensive selections will do something unexpected to the upside. White has a chance to make a mark early.

do you know how to improve your ten yd burst..........I do

07-27-2006, 01:43 PM
You provided some interesting insight but this reads more like a review than a preview. No need in attacking the previous staff and rehashing what happened last season, been there-done that. I think you should focus more on what we can expect scheme wise, how the players can potenially excel in the new system, and how the free agents signings and draft picks will impact the team.

Titan "Tack" Fan
07-27-2006, 01:45 PM
My attention span is too short to read all of that. Especially in such long paragraphs, i get lost in it.

07-27-2006, 01:47 PM
My attention span is too short to read all of that. Especially in such long paragraphs, i get lost in it.

Put your finger on the screen and move it as you read (the way they taught you in the Tennessee educational system)

Titan "Tack" Fan
07-27-2006, 01:51 PM
Put your finger on the screen and move it as you read (the way they taught you in the Tennessee educational system)

If that was an insult, it wasn't a very good one.

07-27-2006, 02:28 PM
If that was an insult, it wasn't a very good one.

kidding kidding

fan no matter what
07-27-2006, 03:04 PM
great read


07-27-2006, 03:11 PM
After looking at things a little more carefully, I am worried about this defense. The secondary is still one of weakest units in the NFL. Our linebackers are average, untested and generally not a "unit" yet. Our defensive front should be better but we still have mediocrity all along it. There better be some attitude coming from somewhere because these guys are going to be picked on heavily in our division. I wince at going against Manning twice a year in a 3 spread offense with our CB's.

07-27-2006, 04:18 PM
Ibar--the quote above specifically refers to pass blocking. The Texans are not sticking with the same pass blocking scheme--see references in bongo's article to outdated scheme from the '90's--that isn't talking about the zone blocking scheme for the running game.

Yes, but they were supposidly complimentary in nature. I'm not refuting what he is saying, I'm just wondering if we could still have a similar problem. I was more interested in knowing whether it was one or more individuals who were constantly missing assignments or was it about equal among all. What is interesting to me is that the opposition must have picked up on this relatively early. In fact may be that's what happened with the 2nd game we played as a team against SD. We were all commenting how it seemed like the other team was in our backfield before Carr even got the snap. I'm wondering if it wasn't even worse than the 10%. To me there has always been something terribly wrong.

I guess I'm saying have we had this problem all along regardless of scheme and why was it never corrected? I have a large degree of confidence in Sherman and Kubiak, but it really puts another nail in the Caper's coffin. Has Carr been needlessly sacked? To me these statements are kind eyebrow raisers. Its like saying our team never had a chance. To me those are very disturbing statements.

07-27-2006, 04:21 PM
Well, we had bad coaching and bad schemes. I'm not surprised if the players didn't know what they were supposed to do in every situation, or if the schemes were too difficult to execute. :twocents:

07-27-2006, 04:26 PM
Well, we had bad coaching and bad schemes. I'm not surprised if the players didn't know what they were supposed to do in every situation, or if the schemes were too difficult to execute. :twocents:

That is basically how it looked last year, especially along the line. We definetly have better coaches this year. Let's just hope our existing linemen can relearn ZB the correct way.

P.S. You said "execute":hides:

07-27-2006, 05:20 PM
P.S. You said "execute":hides:

Yes I did. I considered changing it, but it was the right word.

Anyway, that is what always irritated me about Capers saying, "we didn't execute". It was far more the coaches and systems fault that we didn't than it was the fault of many of the players. Of course there were eceptions to this.

We are going to have a lot of players look better this year.

07-27-2006, 06:56 PM
Well, we had bad coaching and bad schemes. I'm not surprised if the players didn't know what they were supposed to do in every situation, or if the schemes were too difficult to execute. :twocents:

I had heard thru an acquaintance that some of the offensive coaches last year didn't even agree on what type of block to use on some plays and told the players two different things, so the players didn't know what they were supposed to do.

The Pencil Neck
07-27-2006, 07:06 PM
If that was an insult, it wasn't a very good one.

How would you know? You've got to read the insult all the way to the end.

BTW, that was a joke, too.

And a damn fine one.

07-27-2006, 08:09 PM
I had heard thru an acquaintance that some of the offensive coaches last year didn't even agree on what type of block to use on some plays and told the players two different things, so the players didn't know what they were supposed to do.

Great. I'd like to show you how one of the coaches described footwork, but it's a visual thing with the hands. Trust me, it's funny.

07-28-2006, 06:32 AM
Good stuff Bongo.

I honestly think 6 wins is a good barrier to aim for. This team will definitely be improved from last year, and although I still think they're another year, or two away from competing for a playoff birth, I think this will be a year Kubiak can evaluate what he has and how to build on both sides of the ball for the future.

Two players I have high hopes for in a Kubiak offense are Domanick Davis and Andre Johnson. Granted, the Broncos had a better O-Line than the one Houston currently has, but IMHO, Davis is easily better than Ruben Droughns and some of the other HBs the Broncs have trotted out there over the years.

I can see Johnson putting up Rod Smith-esque numbers in this system.

07-28-2006, 10:10 AM
here is the colts preview....................seems to have raised some eyebrows already across the internet............but it is how i fell after talking to many folks about them..................



On the surface most experts and fans think the Colts are the clear favorites to win the AFC South. How could you not. They have it all on O and have a great D. ****, they even have the best clutch K in the league history now. Most have predicted another title and another banner passing yr from Manning, great WR play from
Harrison and his gang, and a loaded TE group. The Colts D is also pretty good top to bottom. They have the best Defensive player in the AFC in Freeney and they have a nice complement in Mathis. They play indoors on a fast track and the league is even going to let Manning bring his own balls to playoff games in 2006. I think the media should call the engraver of the Claret Jug and have them place the INDY COLTS name on the Lombardi Trophy now.........................They have solid leadership in Dungy, Moore, Meeks and Polian............................................ ..............and after a pause of thought........................................... reality crystalizes what the Colts in 2006 likely will get. They will get what they have have always gotten since 99. They will get lots of stats and go home unfulfilled. They are must haves in Fantasy football leagues. Too bad FF does not give away Lombardi's. They will, at times, look as dominant as a young Mike Tyson against MSpinks, only to end 2006 with a mental image of a fallen Tyson in Tokyo looking up at Buster Douglas.....................2005 was a mystic breaker...............................Expectations for this team since 99 have always been high. Much like the owners of the Whitestar Cruise line circa 1912. Much like all passengers getting on a 6 star cruise ship getting ready for a wonderful 7 day cruise. After all what could really go wrong?.....................What could the Colts iceberg be in 2006? History and a lost edge and maybe injury adversity are all my top picks as etiologies. Being a colt fan in 2005 had to be mind numbing. No team had it better set up to win it all. They had a cherry early schedule and challenged history with a 13-0 run to begin 2005. They finished with the best record in the league at 14-2, and the number one seed and homefield throughout the playoffs. Indy fans were quick to point out for yrs that if they had the top seed at home and could avoid the weather of Gilette Stadium the SB was theirs! Well, 2005 gave "all that" to them as well. They even were able to to rest all their key players for a month too! And even had time to let Dungy deal with the death of a son the last month of the season. And yet, they still came up short. Funny thing about the Indy Colts since 1999; they always seem to come up short. Another funny coincidence they share as well with Manning, Dungy and Polian. All of the have a history of coming up short. Coincidence or not? Ask any Bills fan how they fared while Polian the GM roamed in Buffalo?...........Or any TB fan how it was to watch Dungy freeze in big games and in the cold any yr............................or any UT fan who endured a UT/UF game from 93-97, or even a playoff game as a Colt fan since say........................99? Funny how something always happens, isn't it? Maybe there is a reason for it though, but call me a skeptic. That 2005 AFC Championship game's second half is what it must have felt to be the violin player on the deck of that famous cruise ship falling into the cold abyss in the North Atlantic................That loss ended the Colts run..............they wont recover from it...............the triplets became the chicklets overnight..................My bold prediction..................Indy wont make the playoffs in 2006. Sure they have it all right now on paper. I love their team on paper or even during the regular season. But this team was missing something from 99-05 and losing edge is not addition by subtraction unless you failed Math or are a diehard Colt fan. Only a moron could not like their roster..................but something tells me this is the yr that Murphy's law will change the Colts expectations quickly. The colts lost their "Edge" in more ways than one after that Pitts game in my view.


The Colts return everyone from Dungy's staff. No continuity issues at all. Dungy is a good man who faced incredible adversity last yr. He is a man of principle and a solid coach with an impeccable record in the NFL. But Dungy has blown more big games than any coach since Bill Cowher in the post season. His record in the post season with two good teams is incredibly incongruent. Coincidence? No................there are loud whispers in NFL cirlcles in TB and INDY that he is a poor game day coach and he plays to close to the vest when the chips are down. Can he adapt................sure. Did not the T-Rex after the asteroid hit? Jury's out on it, much like Fisher, Dungy is a creature of habit. He has allowed Moore and Manning incredible leeway and it has not gotten it done. Gruden won with his team in TB. He has the second best WR in the history of the league and Manning throwing it for him.................. and had a top 5 RB since 99 . And still they could not get it done. He even rebuilt a horrible D into the new speedier Tampa Two in Indy......................and now Edge is gone and expectations have not gone up higher not down?.............they have escalated...................The Colts are set up for a hard fall......................... Dungy has incredible pressure to win and win now....................no more excuses will cut it................if the Colts fail again..............Dungy's days may be over in Indy much like they were in Tampa. Sometimes nice guys do finsh last.


Edge was like the sun in the Indy O. He always rose up to the task. When he got a 100 they won a ton and when he tore an ACL they got Freeney. The QB, WR, AND TE are probowl caliber. The OL got exposed in the playoffs and is a bot overrated. Glenn is still solid, but like Ogden he showed more cracks last yr...............but Saturday is underated. The OG's Lilja and Scott are very avg, but in a three and five step drop passing O they get away with them, until the postseason anyway. Edge made them look alot better than Addai or Rhodes will. Diem is an avg RT, who will also miss Edge............that stretch play made every OL money since 99. They have very little behind this OL and this is a potential area that an injury could be devasting. The most critical area is and has been at back up QB. No one is behind 18. Will that problem turn out to be 2006's iceberg? I dont know but that is a big worry in Indy. Their TE's of Clark Hartstock and Utecht are more than adequate.............They go 4 deep at WR. They have a great OC. This is the Colts bread and butter and what makes them go...............They are the anti Jags........................but no one can replace Edge. And this is one of many reasons the Colts come back to the rest of the pack. That is a fundamental truth even an Indy fan knows deep inside.


The front four makes this D formidible. Freeney Mathis Reagor and Simon are a great front line, and Brock is their best off the bench. They hide a multitude of sins behind them, that is how good they are. Thorton was the best and most physical LB. He was outstanding in pass D. Gardner replaces Thorton which is a big downgrade. June lived off the front four's havoc, but no one can discount his play last yr. I think that performance is very unlikely to repeat in 2006. Brackett, Morris and Keiaho make up the rest. Pope returns from the drug suspension. Nothing makes me see upgrade there. As for the secondary, Dungy's stamp is best found here. They are the smurf's but they all hit and they are all fast. Again the boys upfront make these guy look alot better than they really are. Sanders is the exception..............personally i think he is terrific..................a cheap Polomalu to me. Doss is close to losing his job to last yrs first round pick MJackson who was a CB. Again.............Doss was a high two and Jackson a one at CB, who is now playing S.................not an upgrade. Harper is an opportunist as is David. Hayden backs them up as does Bethea and Tim Jennings a new rookie who i think will be starting by week three..................he is a player. This group needs the front four to stay healthy or they will give up points in bunchs to ordinary teams....................


The one move I think the Colts made that did make them better...........was at K. They got the best clutch kicker in the league to come play indoors...............he will score points. But last time I checked Vanderjagt was the most accurate K in league history.................so how much will this move really help? Moreover, AV has the same achilles heel that Vanderjagt had..............poor kickoffs...............watch this trend in Colt games................Opposition will get nice field position. The colts should get a salary cap exemption for their punter, Hunter Smith, who rarely plays................he is avg but he really does not have to be anything more than that...............until the postseason when Manning looks soft. The KO and P teams however are very good because of all the speedy backs ups on the Colt D. The area I expect Addai to excell at is KO returner and not a feature RB.................he is ideal to do it but Rhodes has done a nice job their as well.................but he is now the starter. TRushing is a draftee who has college credentials to return kicks as well...................this area will be in flux all yr.


On paper the Colts should win this easily. Problem is the NFL still has a post season. They have had incredibly good luck keeping key players healthy and have gotten every break last yr including homefield with the 6th seeded team as a foe in the AFC Championship game. Because they look so obvious a pick, and because nothing ever stays the same in this league, I see storm clouds and icebergs for them in 2006. Losing Edge is going to hurt more in pass protection than in yds in the run game, and losing Thorton and Triplett is going to hurt their pass D and run D............the Colts face another yr of even higher expectations than in 2005 without a key cog..........Colt fans "just know" Addai and Rhodes can replace Edge................and monkeys might fly out of my ass too..............can this be their yr................sure................ most think it will be...........................but in Indy something always happens.

07-28-2006, 11:22 AM
I'd drop the Enron crap

I agree with this. Capers and Casserly may have been incompetent, but they weren't criminals and shouldn't be compared to Lay and Skilling.

07-28-2006, 08:19 PM
Well I wait with baited breath, but that only leaves the Jags ? hmmm bold call.

07-28-2006, 08:26 PM
I didn't even get past the first line -- which was not even close to being true seeing that the team was full of fight and finished 7-9 in just their third year of existence. Capers had one bad year and for some reason that means his whole tenure was bad.

07-28-2006, 10:01 PM
The Jax Jags Preview


The Jags come off their first post season appearance since 1999. 12-4 in this league is hard to do but no team is more quickly discounted in 2006 than the Jags. The national media has slighted their accomplishments in 2005 by making some accusations that the team had a schedule that allowed them to catch teams at the right time (ie Pitt and the NYJ) but the Jags got it done in 2005. In yrs past that would not have been true but JDR has brought respectability and physicality back to the Jags. Personally I think the Jags lack of respect comes from its small market and lack of national exposure. They also had a very quick exit in the playoffs and fell off many of the fans minds. Their failure in the playoffs, I think was a coaching error in going back to Lefty after the broken leg. Garrard did just fine in a back up role and should have started the game. The bigger shock was the dominant front four did very little to change the outcome of that playoff game. And that Willie McGinest made every Jax OT look like a NY City turnstile. their OL is very avg and it showed when the heat was on. All in all, the Jags will be in most games in 2006 because of the D but the schedule weeks 1-4 will tell you just how good this group can be. I see a step back for this team because their O was prehistoric in 2005 and lived off of its D. 2006 brings more of the same. JSmith is gone and FT is on the wrong side of 30 and in 2005 he returned to Fragile Fred. GJones Toefield Pearman and Drew give them a solid rotation but there is no longer a difference maker on O. Gone is JSmooth. Lefty game will suffer but he is very heady and tough. I love Garrard and QGray. Lefty just needs to avoid mistakes to give his team a chance to win. 82 was their passing O. And they had little of it in 2005. MJ was a nice addition in 2005 but he is still learning and clearly not a one yet capable of replacing a truly great WR. Reggie Williams is one his last legs in Jax and Wilford is a nice three. Just how bad will 82 be missed? Alot is my answer. Shack Harris resigned Troy Edwards and added Hymes and brought back C Owens. Not exactly a group who scares anyone except maybe Carl Smith or aJag fan circa 99. RW likely will be on the roster for cap reasons but i expect this is his last yr in Jax. The Jags hope to battle the Colts for the crown but 2006 will be a speed bump to the Teal Cats in my view.

Coaching staff

JDR brought the roar back to the Jags and got them back to basics on D. He is a former probowl LB who changed the culture in Jax and kept the two best things Jax has every done under Tom Coughlin in Stroud and Henderson. They are the foundation of the team and JDR went out and rebuilt the LB corp and retooled the secondary and patched a shaky OL last offseason. Carl Smith is best described as a very conservative OC. He reminds many of Les Steckle. With his D he plays to his strength and tries to run the ball, control clock, and minimize mistakes. The formula worked last yr but there are no playmakers on O for 2006 reminiescent of the 98-99 Jags. They have talented players capable of hurting teams but no one to scare another team's D any longer. JDR has his work cutout to repeat the 2005 performance. The Jag D is very very good but still has questions at LB and S. Can they overcome them? Can they overcome the loss of JSmith? Jag fans will say I am biased. My response is Dallas, Pitt, Indy, Washington in successive weeks to open 2006. Good Luck with that.

The Jag Offense

There are so many questions on O for a 12-4 team it tells you how good they are on D and ST. Count me as a fan of Lefty. I think he is tough and capable of staying within the system and avoiding costly mistakes but without JSmith and aging FT, Lefty does not have the skill set to carry this team. Picking up Lewis will help Lefty but not until the second half and given the schedule the Jags could be out of it early. I think Barnes played far better than anyone thought in 2005 and i think he'll continue to get better. Williams is a very avg RT. The Jags need depth here and went out and got some. I think the interior of the OL is very questionable. I think the Hawaiian OG's are overrated and D Norman is a giant question at C................ Behind Norman is Romberg who is undersized and untested. They picked up the Buffalo bust Mike Williams cheaply, to back at OT and fill in at OG. I believe he maybe the starting OG before too long. The word among the leagues DC and DL coaches is the way to get to the Jags is to go at their weak interior OL. It happened in the playoffs and Lefty holds the ball too long and too low. They are adequate group at best unless youre a Jag fan. I like the depth they have stockpiled at RB. FT Jones Toefield and now Drew make for a solid group. There are no game breakers here though. FT best days are gone. But he may not have to be the man with the depth they have. I think Drew will make his mark on third down and on ST. He has a chance to get key touches. I think he was a solid pick for this team. TE has been a huge gaping hole for this team forever. Kyle Brady was...............an OT with a TE number. He gave nothing in the pass game but is a good blocker. Getting a Mercedes at TE was smart long term, but I dont think he is a difference maker now or in 2006; and likely wont make a big impact until the second half. Wrightster returns from injury and is a decent third TE. Problem is the Jags dont have a one or two TE as yet. I think they expect Mercedes to take that role fast. The Jags O does not and has not utilized a TE in a long time. So we will see how they use Mercedes the first half. The WR have potential. MJ is the now the man in Jax. He has to make a huge step. HE is talented but does not use his speed well yet because he is still learning how to separate and make quicker breaks......but he is about the only playmaker in the passing game............Wilford is a very good third WR but he has had a droppsie problem..............but him and MJ make great targets in the Red Zone. Reggie Williams is a bust. Only a Jag homer can make a case for him. He has done nothing for this team and I see little coming from him in 2006. I expect this to be his last yr in Jax and be a cap cut next yr. He could be in trouble this yr if Hankton Owens and Troy Edwards have strong camps.

The Jag Defense

Very simply they are the foundation of this team. It is the reason why they are good and why they can play ugly on O and still win. Their DT are so good it ain't funny. But they have very little behind them. Unless you think Maddox or Meier are solid. So far they have not needed any depth but will that remain constant? If not the Jags got issues on D. At DE they have no stars but they have 4 good players. Spicer Hayward McCray and Wiley are all good quality but lack the elite rush at DE. The big change this yr may be the loss of Ayodele and the play of DDarius after a serious knee injury. People here know just how testy the yr back from a knee can be. I think the injury makes him a question but I like Sensabaugh behind him. He is very underrated. At CB i think they have a top 5 CB in Mathis. He can take awy his side of the field. The other side houses their newest edition. BWilliams. He is being paid elite money yet he could not even start for Minn. He has poor ball skills and word out of Minn is he struggles with double moves. He'll be tested in this division early and often. I think this one FA move was terrible but we will see. Their backs ups at CB, I like alot..............Cousin Richardson and Starks...........my prediction is one will make Williams the nickle or dime CB. Their front seven has hidden this weakness for three yrs now so I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Deon Grant has played well for them and I expect that to continue. The other area of concern is OLB where Griesen and TWhite will battle for snaps. Neither will be as stoudt as Ayodele so that is a step back. Peterson is a stud Mlb and the hosses in front of him make him even better than he is. I like Smith on the other side alot and expect him to make a big impact this yr. Cordova returns but his promise may be gone due to severe knee issues. All in all this D is very good top to bottom but a Jag fan knows DD and OLB has to be monitored closely especially early against some great running teams they will face.

Special Teams

This is the best ST group in the AFC South. They have a good K and P and they have a ton of young backup CB and S that make plays. Zelenka is reliable and Sorenson is their ST ace...............I see Drew making a huge impact here and Pearman will as well. JDR focuses on ST and that is a reason why the Jags are good. Any team with a solid Defense usually has good ST because many of the defensive reserves are pretty good as well. ST was a weakness just to yrs ago and the Jags made this previous weakness a strength.

Final Overview

The Jags are a good footbal team and should win their fare share of games. I see them at 9-7 looking at the outside of the playoff picture. I think the Run D will be weaker than they expect and opposing TE's will hurt them with DD returning from a serious injury. Watch how KC attacks them week five as a harbinger to their fortunes. The O will hold this team down because a lack of a consistent playmaker. If MJ and Mercedes develop fast and FT has another yr in the tank I think the Jags can overtake the Colts................but I think that is not likely. I think 2006 they will try to avoid the hard charging Texans and Titans from behind. One key injury on O will doom this team to a top ten selection. The loss of one of their DT for any length of time would be fatal to a post season goal. One strength they have is at QB. In my view Lefty Garrard and QGray are the best threesome in the league top to bottom.

07-28-2006, 10:05 PM

Thanks or sharing this with us. I am one of those who lurk on the titans board where you post regularly and enjoy the love/hate relationship those guys have with you.