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05-20-2006, 04:47 PM

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The quarterback will look to see how the defense is configured to the open tight end side. If he sees a 5-foot-11 safety singled up on his 6-5 tight end, he likes the matchup. If he sees a linebacker out on the open tight end, he likes it even more. If he sees some combination of safety/linebacker out there, he really likes the run options back inside, especially to the opposite of the tight end side. If the defense has any combination of two people on the open tight end and the extra safety in the box for the run game, then the two wide receivers are singled up on the corners with no safety help.

Coach Parcells' point was if he sent in a third wide receiver into the game for one of those tight ends, the defense will sub in an extra defensive back for a linebacker, and that shifts the advantage back to the defense.

makes me hope Joppru stays healthy and lives up to what the draft said he can do.