View Full Version : more than 4 teams in a division????

baba ganoush
05-10-2006, 09:35 PM
With L.A. saying they want a football team i believe it will through off the divisions. I believe the divisions are evenly set with four teams in each division. Now i can see if the Saints want to move to L.A. or some other team like the vikings or the colts because they dont gross enough income...but i think it will be pretty stupid if the league decides to put in another team or two...If they want to add teams i think they would have to add one more team to each division to even them out. I thought L.A. couldnt handle an nfl franchise (Raiders and Rams)...let me know what yall think about the addition of a new team or two.

05-10-2006, 09:43 PM
It works OK in baseball. Its not ideal, but it works

05-10-2006, 10:12 PM
Say 'Hi' to the Los Angeles Jaguars:highfive:

05-10-2006, 10:25 PM
LA Jaguars
LA Chargers
LA Saints

All would work

05-10-2006, 10:25 PM
Personally I hope they give LA a new franchise, and they could name them the LA Terminators!!

Ole Miss Texan
05-11-2006, 04:03 AM
haha that's great. i like the terminators. But houston was the last franchise team if i believe. If there were to be a team in L.A. it will have to be another team moving there i think 32 is all there will be... am i wrong?

05-11-2006, 08:27 AM
The terminator idea is pretty cool. If they add a team to each conference, it should be okay. What if they dont have a conference, kinda like the independent teams in NCAA?

05-11-2006, 08:35 AM
32 teams is just right. Adding one more will just be a problem. While I hate the idea of a team moving and the pain it causes the fans, I think I would enjoy the pain of the idiotic Jaguar fans if their team moved to Los Angeles.

05-11-2006, 09:53 AM
I'd be happier if the titans moved, but it's probably not going to happen.

Ole Miss Texan
05-11-2006, 01:23 PM
Don't forget Arnold wanted two teams!

05-11-2006, 01:28 PM
Whoever moves to LA will be moving to Vegas after about 4-5 years