View Full Version : Vikings closing in on Stadium deal

05-04-2006, 07:03 AM

The Vikings and Anoka County will each provide $280 million to build the stadium. The Anoka County portion will be financed by a 3/4 % sales tax increment (15 cents on a $20 purchase). The plan also calls for $115 million in state bonds, which will be paid back by new state revenues generated by economic activity at Northern Lights. That means no state general fund dollars will be required for the stadium. The stadium will be owned by the public, operated by a public stadium authority and available for community use all year. The other portions of Northern Lights will be built entirely with private investment dollars.

What about the stadium plans being considered for the Twins and the University of Minnesota?

The Vikings, Twins and University of Minnesota each have stadium proposals being considered by the legislature this year. In fact, the state legislature has an important opportunity to pass a three-stadium solution to finally resolve all three stadium issues. It makes sense for our state to resolve these issues once and for all and move forward.

With just under three weeks remaining in the 2006 legislative session, the bill will now move to the Local Government Committee for further debate. On the heels of Wednesday's passage and the recent findings regarding the project's return on investment, Vikings' Owner Zygi Wilf is confident the state leaders will give the bill the attention it deserves.

So it looks like by the end of the month, if the package is approved... you can take Minnesota off the moving to LA list. BUT if they don't... I wonder if the NFL sees the ole'black'n'blue division in the same light as they did the old AFC Central.