View Full Version : wasted talent

04-30-2006, 07:56 PM
i'm sick of hearing of all these guys having character issues, lack of motivation, etc. not many guys are talented enough to play in the NFL and i think its just a waste for these guys. i mean some talked of Vick as a heisman candidate but hes such a ****in idiot that now he didnt even get drafted. also after the fiesta bowl in 2002 i thought Clarrett was the next big thing and now he is in jail. dont get me wrong many of these guys work very hard and i admire that, but these losers that just waste people's time should think about it for a second.

05-01-2006, 10:09 PM
You're right. Lendale "the biscuit" White can whoop and holler all he wants, but he cost his family an aweful lot of money. You draft a guy and give him a pile of money you're slapping that guys face not only on your team, you're putting that guys face on your city. He better be a pretty good fellow as well as a heck of a football player. Some guys are just hard heads. Sometimes it's their fault, sometimes it's not. Some guys can change. Some guys can not. From now on you can be sure that the clubs will know just as much as mom about the guy befor they draft him high.