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04-30-2006, 06:50 PM
1) Mario Williams DE- I wasn't as angry as most people in Houston when the Texans signed him before the draft. The more I thought about it the more I realized he is the better pick for the Texans. The Texans had a horrible defense last year in all areas (pass, run) and have never had a pass rush in franchise history. This signing finally provides us with a manchild at de that can dominate the run and the pass. He'll also make our secondary look better than it did last year with his ability to get to the qb, and possibly even more important...his ability to make our entire defense better. While Reggie Bush would've been great to get us on Sportscenter, Mario Williams will be great to get us in the W column.

33) Demeco Ryans OLB- I loved this pick even before we went back to back ol in the 3rd. I thought we were gonna get Justice here but Ryans instantly becomes our top linebacker. He doesn't have the measurables alot of teams look for in a linebacker but his football instincts are nearly unmatched at linebacker in this draft.He was a steal for a 2nd round pick. This guy is nothing but class on and off the field and one of those leader types every team needs. I think Demeco will be a perrenial pro bowler in a couple years.

65) Charles Spencer OT- Great pickup. Big nasty former dt that was converted to og then finished his career at lt and developed at an insane rate for a guy that has only been playing on the offensive line for two years. 6'4 352 pounds but a sick athlete with amazingly quick feet for his size. His size says he shouldn't be able to be a zone blocker, but his athleticism says he'll thrive with the Texans. Hell, look at George Foster for the Denver Broncos, he's a huge OT and he is a damn good lineman in Denver's scheme.

66) Eric Winston OT- STEAL OF THE DRAFT!!! I never thought that Winston would be available in the 3rd round. Lots of mocks had him going mid-late first round or being picked by us at 33 but somehow he slipped through the cracks. Appears at or near 100% since his ACL tear in 2004 and is another guy who has only been playing on the offensive line for a couple years. Converted TE that is very athletic for an OT. I believe him and Spencer will be our starting OTs if not on opening day than for sure by the end of the year.

98) Owen Daniels TE/H-back- I would've preffered Ko Simpson here but I heard that he scared a number of teams off with his immaturity in interviews at the combine. A former qb converted to te, he has some durability problems which is why he fell to the 4th round. I think Owen Daniels is a solid pick that will be the next Chris Cooley. The Texans will line him up all over the place and Daniels will be the first target for Carr on those naked bootlegs Kubiak loves to run.

170) Wali Lundi RB- I LOVE THIS PICK!!! We NEED a short yardage back that can push the pile on goal line and 3rd and 1 situations. Lundy is an outstanding short-yardage runner and is especially effective as a goal-line ball carrier. I believe he'll excel in our 1 cutback downhill running system.

251) David Anderson WR- This pick was very nice. Anderson has glue for hands, runs excellent routes, and will be the Houston Texan's Ricky Proehl!!! Not to mention he was one of the most productive WRs in the country.

I give the Texans an A- overall. They addressed tons of needs and came out of this draft with 4 guys who can start on day 1 for us and 3 more guys who can be key role players for us. We didn't pick up a free safety though but I guess Brown and Earl will be able to do the job for another year.

04-30-2006, 10:32 PM
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