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04-30-2006, 08:55 AM
I don't understand why the statement by McNair, (in so many words) "they are drafting to build a winning football team, not to keep the fans happy" . . .

. . . is considered to be arrogant by some.

I don't want this to seem like I'm going off on the fans, but it really seems like there are a lot of folks who are so used to losing, and being around a bad team, that they are willing to actually accept it, as long as they are being "entertained", as long as they can buy jerseys, as long as they can see something that keeps them from being "bored".

Again, I know some, probably a lot are going to be pissed at me for saying this, but I think someone who has a higher regard for a 'marketing and business' decision, rather than a 'football' decision, is the mark of someone who could really care less what the final score is on Sunday.

I guess it's a sign of the times.:(

04-30-2006, 09:10 AM
I think the fans (that's a generous label for that particular group) assume that if we are going to lose we might as well have a superstar to root for. Hey, it did wonders for Detroit and Barry Sanders. You still need a team around him. How about winning games? How about putting together a football team that people respect and fear? Make Indianapolis worry about our defense rather than us worry about their offense. How many points have they scored in the last 2 seasons? What happened when they came up against a defense in the playoffs? The NFL is about the team not the individual. You want individual superstars, I think the NBA is desperate for some fans. McNair knows the smartest long term business plan for this franchise is to build a winner. You start with defense.

04-30-2006, 09:20 AM
:fans: Once we start winning, even the worst of the trolls will become true Texan fans and all of this bickering - for lack of a better word - will be history. It won't matter who is Hall of Fame or who rushes for over 1000 yards as long as the Texans win. Once the winning begins, the stadium will be full of screaming fans and tickets will be hard to get. Football fans are like that.....yes they are.:ok:

04-30-2006, 10:55 AM
Ah, voice of reason. Anyone else noticed its gotten a little calmer on the MB after the "one post fans" came in to announce allegiance to other teams (more likely to other players) and left. Agree with the above, once we start back on the winning track, football season will be good again - till then I'm posturing my season tickets to move down a section and get ready for TEXANS football.

Y'all make sure to call into the sports radio talk tomorrow to offset all the "whiners". Now, before some go off on that - whiner in a sense of the one post fan. If you call the shows and actually put some meat on your arguement, there's no problem with that.

04-30-2006, 01:01 PM
Ahhhh, this thread does my heart proud. It's good to finally see that the true fans understand that the concept is to win games, not just be flashy. It would've been real easy to give into popular opinion & take Bush or Young, but our team isn't ready to go after the flashy players just yet. With any building project, you've got to have a solid foundation first. If you build your house on sand, you're eventually going to be homeless.

Our defense was last in almost every catagory last year. I think it's great to see an offensive minded coach make the call to build a strong defense first. That shows me that Kubiak wants to do it right & pays attention to the details. I can't wait until the season starts.

04-30-2006, 02:14 PM
Mmmm, some folks that actually get it. Nice to read posts that make sense (and that you can actually make sense of).

04-30-2006, 02:20 PM
I know some, probably a lot are going to be pissed at me for saying this...

I completely agree with you :)