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04-19-2006, 06:22 PM
I am tired of hearing all the durability concerns about Reggie Bush with all VY/RB arguments on 610 radio and this message board. Yes, runningback careers are shorter than all other positions but Reggie is not a 30 carry back, pounding through the opposing linebackers type of back. Barry Sanders who had a similar running style played for many years.

This is one main argument point for all VY supporters. Well lets question durability of other mobile QB's early in their careers.

Donovan McNabb
Mick Vick
Daunte Culpepper

Lets just call the durability concerns equal for these 2 fine athletes. Stop using it as an argument point against RB unless you are comparing other players than VY. Just don't put either one of them on the Madden cover.