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04-15-2006, 08:07 PM
When the big games were on the line this last season in the NCAA, who were the difference makers. When the Trojans were on the verge of being upset by the Fighting Irish it was Matt Leinart who made the difference, not Reggie Bush... and when the game was hanging in the balance at the Rose Bowl... I believe it was Vince Young who made the difference, not Reggie Bush. Don't get me wrong... Reggie's a talented player, but the only games he was a difference maker in were those that any above average runningback would've excelled in. The Texans need a difference maker with that #1 pick... a true difference maker... one who's proven themselves in the big games at just the right moment. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who those difference makers are. How many NFL teams didn't go anywhere this last season because they didn't have a star runningback? How many didn't go anywhere because they didn't have the quarterback who could lead them there?

04-15-2006, 08:23 PM
]']VY legs won't save him from NFL linebackers. Not even Mike Vicks freakish speed could save him. VY's arm is shaky as far as I am concerned. He should have thrown in the combine and not some orchestrated crap! :spy:

VY hurt his stock.... alot!

Just curious... did you watch any of the Longhorns games this year? I watched every televised game they had. I'm a Texas transplant... don't even like U.T. but the more I watched Vince Young the more I wanted to watch. The Ohio State game comes to mind. Heck, last year's Michigan game comes to mind to... oh, and let's not forget the BCS Championship this year. My friend, go look up Vince Young's passing stats and compare them to ALL the other top quarterbacks in the draft. Vince's stats were as good if not better than Matt Leinart's. Are you going to tell me Vince had better receivers and a better offensive line than USC... that he didn't face any good defenses? He probably made all those throws with no pressure on him... that's what I'd guess. If something's staring you straight in the face you gotta see it, man. And for all those stats fans out there who constantly say stats don't lie... well, there you have it... look 'em up and they don't lie!

04-15-2006, 08:37 PM
actually the stats lie a LOT, as they do with 99% of any quarterback's stats in college. college stats are MEANINGLESS, something i've said for years. tim couch had a helluva year in mike leach's offense at kentucky, completely 70% of his passes. i've said it before...young's sucess can be mostly attributed to the offense mack brown implemented before the season and the individual matchups between texas' receivers and the opposition's defensive backs.