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03-19-2006, 02:23 PM
This is my first Texan Mock and I would appreciate any comments. I am just going to post the Texans part and then after one more week of FA i will post a full 3 rounder.

1. Mario Williams DE NC State- I know Bush is special, but as some posters on this board have figured out this kid is RARE. Rare beats special like full house beats flush. Yeah if you didnt get that it means they are both monster hands. Mario provides a bonafide defensive leader and a guy that teams have to gameplan for. He forces offenses to change and when you force an offense to do something that they do not want to do more often you win. On top of all his measurables he is still learning and getting better. Bush is what he is and that is great and he is pretty close to his pinnacle already, Mario is halfway up the mountain and he is this good.
2. Jonathan Joseph DB SC- I doubt the kid lasts, but if he does he is similar to Dunta Robinson. Faster, Taller, Bigger, and he also loves to hit. The kid has limited experience which may force him to Nickel early, but by mid season he will be a starter and a force.
3a. Danieal Manning S Abilene- A small school stud, that has the talent to be a solid CB in this league, but his best fit is at FS. The kid is rangy, plays the ball well, and will come down and support the run. He also has the ability to return punts which is a need
3b. Andrew Whitworth T LSU- Ok this guy to me is a better version of Todd Wade. He is what we hoped Wade would be a nasty run blocker and solid in the passing game. Most wont like him, but he plays hard and he plays through the whistle. He will bring a toughness and Kubes will see him as a George Foster type of guy.
4. Brandon Marshall WR C.F.- Now I think he wont make it out of the third, but if he does this is an easy one. The kid plays faster than timed, has good hands, and his fast out of breaks. At the combine he was called by scouts Baby T.O. Yeah he is that type of player, but he could see the same rise as Vincent Jackson a few years back and wind up late second or third hopefully for our sakes not.
5. Chris Chester OL Oklahoma- This guy is loved by the Texans staff. He is an athlete, likely the best offensive lineman/athlete in the draft. He can play all over the line, but due to his lack of experience and need to get stronger he will fall to the 5th. Denver could make a run at him early and so could Atlanta, but he is a steal in the 5th and would replace Weigert in a year or two.
6. Leon Williams LB Miami- Ok this is a wish, I dont think he hits this far down, but he is a Andra Davis clone. The guy is just near the ball all the time and plays coverage pretty well. Could easily be our starter on day 1. If he is not here Clint Ingram from Oklahoma is another option.
7. Kevin Walter WR Bengals- We got the kid so he better produce, I dont expect him to be our number 2, but I expect him to make Armstrong and Mathis work their asses off.

Possible Alternatives
1. Bush/D'Brick- these are the only two alternatives to the pick and D'Brick is not really on the list, but I will put him on here for those still hoping.
2. Nick Mangold, Daryn College, Donte Whitner- These three guys could end up in Texans Blue. Whitner and Mangold are likely to go in the first round especially if the Jets get the Seahawks pick or use the extra pick from Atlanta to get the Broncos pick. Whitner is high on the Bengals wish list, but they will likely go Gabe Watson since Madieu Williams should be full strength next year. Colledge is already in the second and would be a reach at 33, but he is good and we could do worst.
3. Kevin Boothe, Rocky McIntosh, Stovall, and slew of others- The third is were Cass and the scouting dept is going to make their money. With two picks we have options whether it be to take one of the guys listed if they fall or to trade back into the low second.
4. Terna Nande, WR, Sheffler, Day, T.J. Williams- as you noticed I did not put a TE in the draft, just dont feel like after the signing of Putz we will really be in the market for one. Sheffler and Day are intriguing though and Nande is a workout warrior who could play MLB
5. Chris Chester or Leon Williamsis all I really want here and if they are not here then the next two picks(5th and 6th) should just be BPA. You really are lucky to find a starter in these rounds and most teams feel it is a steal to just get a guy that will last 3yrs in their system.
6. see 5.

03-19-2006, 03:27 PM
#1 Bush (Pretty sure we are going for him, but would not mind Mario)
#2 Nick Mangold (Unless we sign Flanigan, would still like him but Joesph or DE (RB if we sign Mario) would be ok)
#3 BPA (true MLB would be great here)
#3b Nate Burleson (If we sign him)
#4 BPA (true runstopping FS would be good here)
#5 Chris Chester (Ok here)
#6 BPA or Project Player
#7 Kevin Walter (Hope he's Ed McCaffrey Jr.)

03-19-2006, 03:30 PM
#3 BPA (true MLB would be great here)
#3b Nate Burleson (If we sign him)
#4 BPA (true runstopping FS would be good here)

If we sign Burleson, we will have pick 3B, pick 3A will go to the Vikings.

A SS is supposed to help with run support and be almost another LB. A FS is a centerfielder, a ballhawk. The FS is supposed to be the guy that helps on double coverage and spies the QB. You have SS and FS responsiblity mixed up there.

03-19-2006, 04:13 PM
How can you say that Bush is pretty close to his pinnacle and Mario isn't. No one knows how much better both players can get, so you can't say either of them are near their pinnacle

03-19-2006, 04:17 PM
How can you say that Bush is pretty close to his pinnacle and Mario isn't. No one knows how much better both players can get, so you can't say either of them are near their pinnacle

Its more of a common opinion than fact. Bush does not have the upside to develop into more than he already is. Mario is still learning technique instead of using his physical ability to get by.

03-19-2006, 04:32 PM
He's been compared with some of the greatest running backs of all time, that isn't upside to develop into more than he is?

And if he is near his pinnacle, that would mean that he will be the best running back in the league next year.

03-19-2006, 06:45 PM
No sorry tulexan i likely should have explained that further. When I say that I mean Bush will learn certain tricks of the trade and improve his blocking in the league. Likely to become a 1300-2000+all purpose yard back in the NFL. As far as his physical growth it will not change much. His metabolism will slow down and he will gain weight, but he will always be what he will be. He has developed into the player he is gonna be, he will always be a scat back(in the marshall faulk/warrick dunn mold) which is very good, but even after learning the nuances of the NFL and what will make him successful that is what he will be. Mario will also learn those nuances, but he has yet to plateu his physical abilities also. NCST report shows that he grew an inch last year, he still has room to add lbs without losing speed, and he can lose weight and be even faster. That is more of what I meant. i was not saying Reggie is as good as he will ever be because that is impossible because you cannot ever stop learning, but one thing to say he would be the best back in the league is giving him to much credit. Most NFL teams no how to deal with a fast back, but using containment and stressing angles in practice, also using the FS as a spy for him instead of the QB much like Marlon McCree was in the playoff game agaisnt the Giants.

03-19-2006, 09:43 PM
Very nice draft. I would be thrilled if it played out like that, and Whitworth would be a nice addition to the line. You did a good job of addressing the team needs while still keeping a relatively realistic projection of a given players value. Good job for your first mock.