View Full Version : Could this possibly be draft suicide?

03-16-2006, 08:21 AM
This is the strangest draft strategy that I ever thought up, but I just think that it is a cool idea.

What if we forced a team to trade up to #1? Now if you all remember, the first and 4th pick werent traded in the 2004 draft when Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers were in the draft. The right to those players was traded. So...what if we pulled a San Diego Chargers and drafted Matt Leinart (which would be the most unlikely thing any one would expect us to do) and shopped him around as for a trade partner. The Titans at #3, the Jets at #4, and the Oakland Raiders at #9 would all love a shot to have Matt Leinart on the team, but what would they give up?

If the Jets still had the rights to John Abraham, we could trade for him and a second rounder then just pray that New Orleans took Mario Williams so that Ferguson would fall to #4, or we trade down another 2 spots and draft AJ Hawk/Vernon Davis???

If we trade down with Tennesee, we possibly get a first rounder next year and a 4th this year. We have a choice of Mario Williams or Ferguson at #3.

If we trade all the way down to #7 with Oakland, Mario William and Ferguson are sure to be gone, but we pick up a first next year and a 2nd and 3rd this year, and draft Hawk/Davis/Huff at #7.

There has basically a 0% chance of happening, I was just pondering some trade down stuff and thought of this.

03-16-2006, 08:30 AM
Someone flashed the idea about Joey Harrington going to NY..... they thought it was funny, but I think it would work out for everyone, except Pennington.

If the jet's get a QB, then I don't see Oakland worrying to much about who falls.

Regardless how we want to try to play it, we won't be staying in the top ten, unless we do some trade down, and back up thing, which can work, might work.

I think we're just getting a little greedy...... it appears to me, trading down had about the same chance as Drafting Vince........ none.

We all assumed that when Kubiak interviewed, he was asked, can you take us to the superbowl with David Carr??

But the question really was... Can you take us to the superbowl with Reggie Bush?? Will Carr get in the way?? What else will you need??

If everything we've talked about on this board goes out the window on draft day, and we load up on D........ there will be no doubt in my mind, that those were in fact the questions asked.

03-16-2006, 08:35 AM
I would love it if everyone thought we might draft Matt Leinhart, but actually doing it would seem crazy for us.