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02-14-2006, 07:14 PM
First - I would see if he could be an everydown back, aka Terrell Davis.

If not, we have to use him like USC.

Figure each team averages about 60 plays a game.
So, figure pulling him in short yardage and after long gains, he gets about 47 plays a game. I break that down:
16 rushes
15 play action/screens - looking at about 5 dumpoffs per game
16 times in motion to the slot (or lining up in the slot) - throw 6 times, give 10 carries to DD (who also gets about 5 carries when Bush is on the sideline)

I think he creates all kinds of mismatches. When he moves into the slot, a LB can't cover him (or he will get burned), so teams will have to adjust out of their normal D to compensate by leaving a 3rd CB in the game at all times, which in turn opens up the running game.

I think he averages 80 plus rushing, 8 catches and 100 yards a game receiving.

Lineup: I would primarily go with 2 sets: a pro style with DD and Bush together or an I style with Bush behind a FB: with a TE, a WR and a 2nd WR (sometimes a 2nd TE if we draft one that can catch - c'mon Pope at #33).
I would mix in 3 WR sets occasionally if we get the talent at WR to make it work.

02-14-2006, 07:21 PM
1280+ yards rushing and 1600 receiving yards a season

Going a little overboard there don't you think?

02-14-2006, 08:07 PM
300 receiving yards? I think he will be close in the number of receiving and rushing yards he has, if we give him the ball. Ok, lets say he averages 5 yards a carry, which would put him near the top of the league, but if he stays healthy and with limited carries, he could do it. Lets say 14 carries a game, about what he got at USC. 14*5 would equall 80 rushing yards a game, not bad. 80*16 equall 1280 yards. I think that this kind of production, with something like 16 carries a game for about 4.5 yds a carry for DD is possible. Not guaranteed by any means, but if we are a running team with good prodcution, that should allow both DD and Reggie over 1000 yards, both chipping in through the air as well. The biggest question, however, is how will the O-line perfome when its 3rd and 9?

02-15-2006, 10:21 AM
If we add a decent TE and/or 2nd WR, then the passing estimate goes down a little. Plus, you can figure he will miss one or two games with minor injuries (part of that might be made up by a huge game or two).

O-line - gotta count on Kubes working magic. If we spend #33 on a TE and spend 66 on a OG/C - then we are still one OL short (figuring weigert/66/pitts/and counting on one of wand/mckinney/wade) - hopefully we sign a decent one that fits his system.