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02-12-2006, 03:01 PM
Pack 10 runners Ripping up the real estate!

Washst Sr RB Jerrome Harrison- 5'10" 200 11 Games 308 rush 1900 yrds 6.2 avg 16 rutds 27 rec 206 yrds 8.6 avg 1 retd
Against California 26 rush 162 yrds 6.2 avg

USC Jr RB Reggie Bush- 6'0" 200 13 Games 200 rush 1740 yrds 8.7 avg 16 rutd 37 rec 478 12.9 avg 2 retd
Against California 17 carries 84 yrds 4.8 avg

Calst Jr RB Marcus O'Keith 6'1" 190 7 Games 22 rush 243 yrds 11.0 avg 3 rutds 3 rec 58 yrds 18.7 avg 1 td

Check this out -2005 Miami So CB/WR Devin Hester 5'11" 190 4.32/40 5 rush 40 yrd 8.0 avg 1 rutd ,,,,,,,.,,1 Rec 25 yrds,,,,,,,,,,3 pr tds 17.2 avg,,,,,,,,,,1 KR td 25.5 avg,,,,,,,,,,,I blocked FG 1 return td,,,,,,,CB 4 starts 17 t 4 ints......6 total tds any way he could get them.Can score anytime he touches the ball.

The Defination of the "P" word in football = Devin Hester.Was a first team All-American, regardless of position,before he really did anything.More honors coming into Division 1 then most players see regardless of accomplishment.


Coach C.
02-12-2006, 04:10 PM
Blue this may be the first post we somewhat agree on(yes that is the devil shivering) Anyway Devin Hester is a special athlete and if he is around in the 5th I take him, but since he has no real position he cannot be taken before then. This also shows that the Pac 10 cannot stop a RunningBack to save their lives.

02-12-2006, 06:00 PM
I don't know about Devin Hester anymore.If we take Vince Young WE COULD take a chance on a player like him in round 4 because ST is a very important part of the team.I think we could use him in the Nickel some and use him as an utility player like we would use Bush.If we can get 25 to 30 plays a game from him,he may be able to make an impact.I'm sure some team will take a chance on him third or 4th round.When you see this guy on the field you can just tell he's different..We have so may needs at the moment we may have to pass on projects.May turn into a great FS when he add more muscle.He's a fisty little player that should show good at the combine.