View Full Version : Is there a list of available coaches on the web?

01-30-2006, 07:31 PM
I have looked and just wonder what coaches are available. I looked on espn and did yahoo search,but to no avail.

one thing I am interested in is if any coaches from the Steelers/Seahawks are going to be available..

I just don't know where to look as far as contracts of coaches/fired coaches or what?

Where the heck is YODA so he can teach me some patience!!!

01-30-2006, 08:05 PM
There are a few unemployed guys out there like Martz, Sherman, etc. but really most of the guys are getting swapped around the league from one team to another so they aren't really "available" they just are given permission by their teams to interview when another team shows interest in promoting them.

01-31-2006, 07:59 PM
this is WAY outdated but haven't looked it up yet.


New York Giants DC Tim Lewis Former Packers first-round pick (11th overall in 1983) as a cornerback and Giants defensive coordinator for the past two years. Tom Coughlin hired this former Steelers assistant as the first member of his new coaching staff and sings his praises regularly. Was the defensive coordinator for Steelers for four years, each year he had a top 10 defense. The Saints sought permission to interview Lewis, who is black, cannot be interviewed until the Giants are out of the playoffs.

Tennessee DC Jim Schwartz Young (39), cerebral on-the-field playcaller for the Titans defense since 1999 who has the invaluable Bill Belichik link. Learned under Jeff Fisher and Gregg Williams. Former collegiate linebacker turned Keith Bullock into a Pro Bowler. Was a finalist for the 49ers job last year an done of those young coaches that seems destined to get a shot soon as a head coach.

New York Jets DC Donnie Henderson Has been the defensive coordinator for the Jets for the past two seasons, in each season has been undercut by offensive problems. Was the secondary coach for a ridiculously good Ravens secondary for five seasons prior to that. Fiery, intense, and tough on his players, Henderson is both charismatic and no-nonsense. Henderson, who is black, will reportedly be one of the Saints' first interviews, and not just to satisfy the league's requirement to interview at least one minority candidate. Interviewed with the Saints on Monday, January 9.

I haven't looked to see the status on these guys, but wonder if they are considered also by the Texans???