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01-14-2006, 01:41 PM
Stop beating a dead horse; Vince Young to the Texans will not happen. Not this life time. Your appeals have been denied in all lower courts;(Espn,Mort,Mel) and in the supreme court. (Texans,Cass,McNair).You continue to press on and waste valuable space to talk about VY to the Texans when we could talk about other things like the other 7 picks in the draft we have and how much of an impact they would have on our team. But nooo you continue to beat a dead horse because you put one player above the Texans and he is not the savior.

For all you trade down criminals;stop saying trade down unless you know the prospects to trade down for and what roles would they play on this team. If our pick is so valuable this year and teams are in hot pursuit to get that pick; would it make you think we have something we should keep;Other teams would wish to be in our position! It's like saying I have a once in a lifetime opportunity to have sex with Hallie Berry, Paris Hilton or Beyonce, and you say you'll pass to have your choice of 4 lessor Rice Cheerleaders??

Come on Man! IM a fan of Vince Young, but IM a realest! Can you honestly say Vince Young can improve this team next year? Leave all the he's from here crap out of it. Do you think an employer will hire you cause you from the same place he is and you don't fit the job description? NO! IM not talking about Vince Young fans in general, but to the ones who still think there is a glimmer of hope that Vince Young is coming to the Texans after the General Manager says Carr is our QB!

Your days are numbered, what will your last meal be? BBQ and Bake Beans? On a serious note I would like for the Texans to go out and grab either Hutchinson or Bentley to play guard; Draft either Leonard Pope the TE from Georgia, Max Jean Giles, or Jonathan Scott, at 33rd, I'll be happy with either of them at 33rd no matter what.and these other players I would like to see as a Texans depending on what happen in the draft and free agency,Fasno TE Notre Dame, Ernie Sims LB Florida State, S. Moss WR from Miami, Lutui OG from USC, David Thomas TE from Texas, and Dwayne Slay S. From Texas Tech as far as our lower picks are concerned. :homer:

01-14-2006, 01:43 PM
The thing that bothers me the most is threads that have interesting titles, then 2 lines in, switch to praising the Lord Our God, Vince Young

01-15-2006, 01:56 AM
The first game next season, if we don't draft vince, will end up with the booing of Carr out of the Stadium and a massive riot that will kill millions and level buildings. Lets take a chance and go with vince, if not to win, simply to bring fans back to the Texans. (I think Carr is a born loser, and does not know how to win despite his talents; he is no leader and gives no hope to his teamates). Alot of Texans fans (like me) hate David Carr, and don't mind taking a chance on Vince Young because we like him so much.

Tale Gator
01-15-2006, 10:20 AM
The shear awesomeness of this thread indicates it could have only have been composed by Chuck Norris himself.