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In Vince We Trust
01-14-2006, 12:43 PM
one of their superstars - derrick johnson - charlie casserly didn't think much of him but said nice things about him to the public because he didn't want to tick off texas fans in houston. this according to john mcclain. charlie and the texans passed on derrick johnson TWICE to draft travis johnson. and casserly and some aggies have the nerve to complain about "sips" demanding one of our own again?!:ok: :brickwall

now, i've heard/read that charlie casserly wants to keep david carr and draft reggie bush and has been leaking inside "info" to chris mortenson at espn in order to persuade vince young to stay in school if the possibility of playing in houston would be a prime factor for him coming out. charlie is convinced that drafting reggie bush would equate into 7 win season next year. he also thinks vy will not succeed in the nfl - he's had to tone down his david carr love and vy hate lately bc mcnair probably told him to stop with the leaks to the press. casserly's desire for reggie bush is based on one thing - short term solution to ensuring that he (CASSERLY) stays in houston. at this point, he is not concerned with the long term future of the texans.

as for casserly's record as a gm in the nfl - the redskins did well when bobby beatheard's boys were still playing. bobby was famous for dealing away high picks for more lower round picks and getting gems. casserly tried to do the same but he hardly if ever found the gems. he contributed to the decline of the redskins. to his credit, he did pull a good deal trading away sean gilbert to carolina for picks. but that's what he's good at - wheeling and dealing. he stinks at player evaluations. he was not responsible for the selections in the 2000 draft - that happened after he was fired. he gets credit for that draft because he wheeled and dealed getting the picks.

look at his past draft choices and free agent signings and personnel moves with the redskins and texans. besides the no brainers (andre johnson and dunta robinson), he has failed miserably. i mean what kind of gm would not have addressed the texans o-line problems by now?! trust casserly?! YEAH RIGHT!:brickwall

it appears that reeves wants the texans to draft young. i'm assuming that kubiak, who played with elway and apparently wants to hire greg davis (current texas oc) as the qb coach wants to do the same. bob mcnair has a choice to make - trust casserly who helped get the texans to 2-14 or reeves and kubiak.

btw, greg davis would do a great job giving kubiak information concerning reggie bush and vy. vy - obvious reasons. as for bush, texas recruited reggie out of highschool, davis has spoken with norm chow about how usc uses bush and texas obviously had to prepare for bush this year. who do you think greg davis would prefer even if greg davis won't be the texans new qb coach? :yahoo:

01-14-2006, 12:46 PM
you need to work on your spin. Its not quite beleivable.

In Vince We Trust
01-14-2006, 12:55 PM
pretty well known in nfl circles that casserly "leaks" info to certain reporters. ask richard justice of the houston chronicle - he's written articles about it. you must not have watched espn a couple of days before vy declared for the draft - chris mortenson stated that according to his team sources, the texans would pick reggie - PERIOD. as for the reeves preferring vy statement, that is what the texan players believe/know.

01-14-2006, 01:01 PM
Richard Justice knows who Mort's source is. So Mort's source is either NOT Charley Casserly, or Charley Casserly has NO power when it comes to this decision. I think it's the former.

In Vince We Trust
01-14-2006, 01:09 PM
i believe it was a preemptive move on casserly's part in a vain attempt to not have the current predicament. casserly is fighting for his job. if only he spent as much time evaluating players we wouldn't be in this mess.

i've been told that greg davis to the texans is a done deal if kubiak is the hc. we'll see.

01-14-2006, 01:13 PM
i've been told that greg davis to the texans is a done deal if kubiak is the hc. we'll see.

That would make things very interesting around here.