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01-10-2006, 02:18 PM
I have supported David Carr for 4 years. I have no problem with the Texans drafting Vince Young. Carr was handed the starting job from day 1 without ever competing for it. Drafting Vince will bring that competition and increase our chances of having a franchise qb emerge from 1 of the 2. All of the Texans hope has depended on Carr being that player and for 4 years Carr hasn't been the man. Whether it has been coaching, not enough of a supporting cast, or that he just isn't ever going to be the type of qb the Texans once envisioned he would be, we just can't blindly put 100% of our hope in Carr for 3 more years. Drafting Vince makes sense.

Kubiak or whoever is brought in to coach the Texans will have a much better chance of success with 2 viable options at qb (Carr and Young) than with 4 options at rb (Bush, Davis, Morency, Wells). Does anyone think any of the rbs taken in the top 5 picks last year were worthy of that high of a pick and the salary that comes with that high of a pick? Bush will cost than these rbs at #1. Check it out.

Carnell Williams 5' 11" 217 lbs. 1178 yds rushing 81 yds rec
Ronnie Brown 6' 232 lbs. 907 yds rushing 232 yds rec
Cedric Benson 5' 10" 215 lbs. 272 yds rushing 3 yds rec (injured)

Domanick Davis 5' 9" 221 lbs. 2003 1031 yds rushing 351 yds rec
2004 1188 yds rushing 588 yds rec
2005 976 yds rushing 337 yds rec (11 gms)

As you can see DD compares pretty well with the top 3 picks last year. If the Texans hire Kubiak then the sky is the limit for DD because Denver has shown year after year that they know how to run the ball effectively with lower round draft picks. They are masters of the zone blocking scheme.

I think the Texans are better served by tying up their cap money in 2 qbs than in rbs. Add in the marketing factor of taking Vince Young over Reggie Bush and it makes even more sense to take Young with the first pick. The Texans lost a lot of tv time the last half of the season. You couldn't find them on hardly anywhere outside the immediate Houston area. A whole bunch of fans with tickets weren't even going to the home games. Drafting Vince could change that. A new coaching staff with the addition of Vince (even on the bench) will fill the stadium. The same case can be made for Bush also on filling the stands. The deciding factor is Vince is from Houston and would draw interest from hometown fans and college football fans in Texas that enjoyed watching him. Heck, I know some Cowboy fans that are interested in seeing Vince play if he comes to Houston. Not to mention fans all over the nation that saw Vince steal the show in the Rose Bowl. Fans understand it takes more time for a qb than for a rb to adjust to the nfl.

If the Texans do decide not to take Vince for some reason then I am all for trading down and getting extra picks along with Aj Hawk, DBrick, or Jimmy Williams. Bush is a great rb and there is no denying that. But is he the right choice at this time in Texans history? I'll support this team no matter what they decide to do. I've been a fan from day 1.

PS-We should take up a collection and buy Casserly a really nice vacation package that includes nfl draft weekend.

Double Barrel
01-10-2006, 02:22 PM
Hey, you're the lucky poster! This is officially the one millionth thread about Vince Young! Congrats! You win....nothing. :howdy:

Just messing with ya', man. ;) But I'm not sure how much of the hometown player will affect the front office's decision. I doubt Young gives us a discount because we're his hometown team.

01-10-2006, 02:29 PM
So I guess everyone is jumping on the Young bandwagon because he had a good year. He is definately not worth a number 1 pick when we need help elsewhere. I wished he would have stayed in school another year and made our pick easier. He's just not ready for the NFL yet. He will need to be groomed just like Steve McNair was and we can't wait that long for one individual right now with the first pick overall. Carr will be fine, we need Bush... Plus, Matt had 3 good years as a QB and will be a better pick. The difference between the 2 QB's is tremendous. 1 is a pure pocket passer which wins Super Bowls and the other is a runner with a weak arm which will get him hurt. Who would you invest in???

01-10-2006, 02:35 PM
HEHE...OP mentions 3 of the Top RBs taken last year, one of which is a UT guy(Benson), who happens to be the only one of the three who wasn't productive...we don't need a UT project on this team. Please spare me the VY love and give me the person who will most likely help the Texans in the immediate future.

If you are truly a Texan fan, and you want the team to do well in the immediate future, then it should be obvious to you that by drafting VY, the team is heading in the opposite direction of where you're hoping they would.

Drafting VY entails 3 or more years of suffering losing seasons.

Drafting VY means 3 or more years or "rookie" mistakes.

Drafting VY means not getting the best RB to come out of the draft since Larry Johnson.

People need to realize that this scenario is EXACTLY like the 2001 draft: Vick or LT, although this year its a Poormans' Vick vs Best RB in a very long time...

01-10-2006, 02:46 PM
Drafting VY means not getting the best RB to come out of the draft since Larry Johnson...

They probably said the same thing when the Bengals drafted Archie Griffin. Trade the pick for as much as you can and keep Carr and Davis. Fix the problems and stop acting like this is fantasy football.

01-10-2006, 02:47 PM
HE IS THE GRATEST EVER!!! kind of crap that has characterized virtually every pro-Vince argument this last week.

Sounds like some puppy lovestruck coed.

01-10-2006, 02:50 PM
we need Bush

We need a lot of things, but neither Bush, Leinart or Young are one of them.