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C Madd
01-05-2006, 02:22 PM
In reading the posts on this messageboard after the Rose Bowl, I've seen an abundance of just plain ignorant posts. Usually the ignorant posts are there, just not as plentiful as they have been within the last day, and I usually don't say much about them because I respect the fact that people have their opinions, despite the fact that they are wrong and I'm always right (kidding, don't flame). I can't hold myself back from ranting, though, after the posts over the last day.

To all the Reggie Bush bashers after the Rose Bowl, please stop with the ignorance, seriously. I know it is a lot to ask from some people on here, but can we make an effort? You guys come out here and say he won't be great because of one game? First off, the guy did not have a bad game. The man had 13 carries for 82 yards, which means 6.3 yards per carry (which was slightly higher than LenDale White's, by the way) and 6 catches for 95 yards...out of the backfield. That's nearly 200 yards of offense along, not even counting his 100+ yards returning. To say he had a bad game is just plain wrong, granted it wasn't a jaw-dropping 290 yards rushing performance, it wasn't bad. Vince had bad games before. Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, Gale Sayers, Emmitt Smith...these guys all had games where they didn't rush for 100 yards. I guess they were bad players, too. Man, those Hall of Fame voters must be dumb.

Please don't come back with something like, "C Madd, did you watch the game?" Yes, stupid, I watched the game. It was the Rose Bowl, what else would I have watched? Or something like, did you watch the same game? No, I was in a parallel universe where I watched a different game.

I know this isn't going to make people say, "Oh C Madd, you're right. I'll stop posting things before I think them through and say ignorant things," despite the fact that I am right (kidding again), but I just had to go ahead and say something because the anger sharks were swimming in my head. Goosefraba, goosefraba. Better.

01-05-2006, 02:31 PM
Just by 2 bits. But isn't what you said about 'other' posters like pot calling kettle black?

Me personally, I do not care about reggie one way or the other. He has to be very talented to have won, maybe not rightly, the hiesman trophy. As far as I am concerned I only wish all of the drooling over him would stop. I will jsut sit back and see what happens during the draft. I think everyone should do the same. Again...just m 2 bits

C Madd
01-05-2006, 02:45 PM
Just by 2 bits. But isn't what you said about 'other' posters like pot calling kettle black?

Well, I honestly don't see how. I'm not claiming that Bush had a great game, he didn't. I'm just saying that to say he's overhyped because of one uneventful game is silly. I'm just saying that people shouldn't base things off of one game and say he's a bust.
It's not all Bush haters, some Bush haters (or more appropriately people in favor of trading down) make very intelligent posts. Jerek, for example, is in favor of trading down, but makes very great points in his effort to expess how he thinks trading the pick and not getting Bush would help the Texans more.

It's just frustrating seeing all the "Let's Bash Reggie" posts, even more so than the "We Love Reggie" posts, which are getting old themselves.