View Full Version : Coaches are gone, what players do you want outta here???

God of Wine
01-01-2006, 08:34 PM
For me it's Bradford,Coleman,McKinney,Buchanon, Hollings.

The players I want to step up and improve are Babin,Peek,T. Johnson,Carr, Joppru(improvement not needed just make it on the field is good enough for me),Greenwood, Dunta, Faygins, DD(stay healthy for the whole year).

Who is on your cut list?

01-01-2006, 08:37 PM
Greenwood, everyone on the O-line but Pitts and Hodges, Buchanon, Bradford, Coleman, Walker, and Wong

Step up: Carr, Babin, Peek, T Johnson, and Mathis at WR

01-01-2006, 08:39 PM
Coleman... Buchanon... as much of the O-line as possible. Let's start with those.

01-01-2006, 08:41 PM
I want to see this team of players with new coaches and see what they can do.

01-01-2006, 08:41 PM
I think some players have a better change of making our team then others, but given our record, everybody needs to be evaluated by the new head coach (Kubiak) and everybody on the team is fair game.

01-01-2006, 08:44 PM
hmm.. no one really.

Bradford and Buchanan are both cheap and can provide mismatches as the #3/4 WR/CB

Our Oline has misused or unused talent and I think most every Olineman we have is either starter quality.. or at least good depth. Except for a couple.

I guess if I had to choose who I for sure dont want to see on our active roster next season, it would have to be Tony Hollings and Todd Washington

01-01-2006, 09:39 PM
Coleman (slow and overpriced)
Gary Walker (too much $$$ for his age and injuries)
Todd Wade
Victor Riley
Tony Hollings
I think I've seen enough of Donovan Morgan- where is Derrick Armstrong?

and please don't pay Jonathan Wells more than the Vet minimum if he wants to stay- nobody needs a HB/FB hybrid unless he's Jerome Bettis

the wonger need food
01-01-2006, 10:54 PM
Wouldn't it be easier to ask for a list of players worth keeping?

01-01-2006, 10:58 PM
Keep AJ, D-Rob, Pitts, Brown, Mathis, Wong, and at least one between Wells and DD. After that, I don't care very much.

01-01-2006, 11:22 PM
I think the Texans next season will look a lot like the Texans this season. I can't really think of too many guys among the local "names" that I consider to be locks to hit the road.

Looking down the "Players" list I see the following.

Tony Banks: I think he's always one season away from being replaced.

Corey Bradford: This season the man dropped a lot of passes. I'm sure when they count it all up he'll end up with 2 drops or some other unbelievable number but it was impossible not to notice how much of a liability Corey was.

Mark Bruener: here's a guy who probably comes back but he is an 11 year veteran who does one thing (block) and one thing only. I think of him as on the edge. If Joppru makes it into this season, Rivers sticks around, and we draft a TE then Bruener could be gone.

Marcus Coleman: Unless there's some cap related reason why we can't cut him I bet we've seen the last game he ever plays as a Texan.

Tony Hollings: I think Tony would have been gone a long time ago if the Texans had only given up a 3 for him. Since they gave up a 2 he got extra time. Morency being drafted told me that Hollings was on his way out. If the Texans take Bush then he's absolutely going to be gone.

Steve McKinney: Probably costs too much next year. I bet he ends up being a cap casualty or something but it's not like we'll miss him. Who knows though, maybe he comes back. I just think it's possible he's gone.

Gary Walker: Always a possibility. 11 year veteran so age becomes a factor. Staying healthy seems to have become difficult for him in the last few years. Not that these are injuries that he could have done much to prevent or anything. Maybe it's just been bad luck but I count Walker as a possible departure.

01-01-2006, 11:27 PM
PLayers that we could acctually get rid of (cap/salary) are as follows: Hollings, Bradford, Gaff (maybe, it would be nice if he paid attention), and some back-up o-linemen. We also have some people: P-Buch, McKinney, who are in the last year of their contracts and are not very expensive. This means they will be playing for their future (P-buch might tackle). Players like Todd Wade, Greenwood, Wong, Payne, Walker we are tied to because of their contracts... yay.. although Pyne and Walker are good... also, why was DeLoach starting for Walker, was TJ hurt today? Would it not make sense too see if he was good enough as a starter? By the way, Babin finnally was healthy, Peek also had a good spin move going...

01-01-2006, 11:28 PM
Coleman (slow and overpriced)
Gary Walker (too much $$$ for his age and injuries)
Todd Wade
Victor Riley
Tony Hollings
I think I've seen enough of Donovan Morgan- where is Derrick Armstrong?

and please don't pay Jonathan Wells more than the Vet minimum if he wants to stay- nobody needs a HB/FB hybrid unless he's Jerome Bettis

Good news - Victor Riley was released a month ago. And I agree, I've seen enough of Donovan Morgan as well. Derrick Armstrong is incredibly underused.

It's probably time for Hollings to go. I'm not ready to write off Buchanon yet. I tend to agree with Casserly's original assessment that Buchanon's defects can be coached away. I wouldn't be surprised if Coleman and Walker are gone next year due to age.

01-01-2006, 11:31 PM
also, why was DeLoach starting for Walker, was TJ hurt today?

Yeah - TJ had been listed as questionable with a back injury, but I did see him later in the game.

01-01-2006, 11:32 PM
Thing is, we really can't afford to cut some of these guys because of thier large salaries.:brickwall

01-02-2006, 01:19 AM
McKinney won't be a cheap roster spot next year if he stays around. It will be just under $5 million which is pretty high for an average interior lineman. If he was Dwight Stevenson that would be one thing, but he's not. With Hodges and Washington around I'd think he will be a cap casualty unless he's willing to rework his contract and give the team a much lower cap number.

Coleman should be and most likely will be going. His age and lack of defensive ability have finally caught up to him. He's too costly to be a 3rd safety ($3 million) and Earl and Brown are better, younger, and cheaper than him.

Walker's contract is fat ($5.8 million) and his inability to play a 16 game season hurts his chances of staying around. He still has game, but unless he's willing to rework and take much less I think he will be gone.

Bradford is UFA and he might test the waters again. If they can bring him back cheap they might, although I would rather see Mathis get more time on the field with AJ and Bush (assuming he is drafted).

Gaffney is also an UFA and he might want more money than the Texans are going to be able to pay him with another high priced offensive player coming aboard. I have a feeling his sense of his abilities is higher than what they actually are. Armstrong can be just as effective in the slot at a lower cost. Plus, slot guys can be found on trees.

Wells is an UFA and is going to want to go somewhere he can see time on the field. If the Texans take Bush I don't see him coming back. They won't get rid of Domanick for insurance purposes and Wells isn't going to want to live off their scraps. He can at least get a backup spot somewhere. He's durable and runs hard between the tackles.

Hollings will probably be a cap casualty no matter what the Texans do in the draft. They kept him inactive for most games and he couldn't even see time during intrasquad scrimmages.

I don't see the Texans getting rid of the other members of the O-Line. Wade, Weigert and Pitts are all signed for 4, 2, and 4 more years respectively and would give the team a huge cap hit if they got rid of them. Milford Brown is a UFA, though, and should be resigned. Wand is a RFA and is still a project after 3 years. He really wasn't as bad as it was made out to be, but if the Texans take a lineman in the 1st day he might be a goner.

01-02-2006, 01:23 AM
Capers & Carr can leave together, they'll make a good team....somewhere else. The Texans don't need Carr's cockiness. He's a whimp and a slob...
Maybe the Cowboys will take them.:homer:

Draft a new quarterback.

01-02-2006, 01:26 AM
great first post.. hope you wont make a second Kimmer.

McKinney may be expensive.. but he is an LG.. not a center. we have been misusing him. Maye he will be willing to restructure his contract.. cause we could really use him at LG.

01-02-2006, 01:28 AM
Thanks, next time I'll be sure to tell you what you want to hear...

big homey
01-02-2006, 01:51 AM
McKinney: He's pretty bad, and way overpaid. His cap hit will be huge next year, so I don't see him coming back, especially if we sign/draft a new interior lineman.

Bradford: It seems like he drops more balls than he catches, and is stealing time from more capable receivers. If he stays on cheap, fine - he can make some pretty big plays.

Gaffney: Will be a UFA after the season, and I don't see too much incentive to resign him. He's played well at times, but I don't think he is really critical to the franchise's future. Plus, his asking price might be a little high.

Walker: A good player when healthy, but the problem is just that. His age is catching up to him and he can't stay on the field. I don't know his contract situation (he may be tied up), and I'm not sure whether T.J. can fully take over for him yet, so he'll probably stay, but not for long.

Coleman: This guy just flat-out needs to go. He's nothing but a liability in coverage, can't tackle, and costs too much.

Buchanon: Interestingly enough, I think this guy should stay. If not as an impact corner then a legitamate punt returner. This guy was an All-American at The U, and talent like that doesn't just vanish. With the right coaching, he could become the player he was expected to be coming out of college, and face it, Fangio's scheme just wasn't doing it. His contract is far from huge, so we have nothing to gain by letting him go. I just think if someone can fix him up we can save ourselves some $$$ or a draft pick on a shiny new corner.

01-02-2006, 02:11 AM
I just want to cut ties with Babin. He has been a disappointment for a first rounder with all the injuries and lack of pass rush he produces. I would think he was a steal if we got him in the second round but we didn't, we got him in the mid-first. I'd like to cut lose on our LB and get some dependable FA or be aggressive in the draft.

My cut wish list is:
O-line (obvious)
Payne - overpaid as a mediocre DT
Walker - costs too much for little production
Wong - won't happen b/c of cap issue and recent extension but I WISH
Babin - BUST (see above)

I disagree with separating ties with Coleman and P-Buc. Coleman is a lockerroom leader. The last one wother than Walker. If we do cut Walker, we'd need to keep someone around who has been a successful veteran for years. Look what happened when we cut Glenn and Sharper b/c we thought they were expendable and slow. We never consider the intangible qualities they offer and we can't read or compare as a number. This is how I see Coleman. He makes big plays and his effort is always there. He got benched so the coaches could evaluate younger talent and he didn't pitch any kind of a fit. I do think he can still cover as long as everyone else is following their responsibilities so he doesn't have to double-turn to go help the blown assignment on the otherside of the field. P-Buc is a playmaker too and I think if we start him at the bottom and make him earn his spot he will come around. I think we handed him way too much. He never had to adjust his additude. He'll either have to earn his spot or sit behind Faggins, Robinson and others. If he sits behind them for another season for any reason (effort, talent, awareness, etc.) then I'll be all for cutting him at the end of preseason.

Anyway, that's my opinion.

01-02-2006, 02:18 AM
Here's the roster I'd like to see next year (roughly):

Before I start out, let me say that as much as people have proclaimed this as the "playing for their jobs year", I think next season is the real test. A new coach can only replace so much before next season. However, a couple drafts and free agencies and roster turnover could be pretty significant. I expect next season to be pretty ugly, not like this humbling debacle, but probably no more than 5-6 wins as the new coach and players figure things out.

QB: We can pick up Carr's option. As many have said, there really isn't an outstanding veteran to pick up. I do want to pick someone up that's an improvement over Ragone/Banks and can challenge Carr for the position. Bottom line, may the best man win. I really wish I had seen more of Ragone so I could offer a real opinion.

RB: Seeya Tony H. Davis and Morency stick around. Wells might be around, but the thing is we get as much or more power from DD/VM with a lot more speed and agility than Wells. Kind of depends on what we do in the draft/FA.

WR: AJ is a lock of course. I also think Gaffney will be resigned, as the market for ex-Texans can't be that hot and there's no way Bradford is back. Probably looks something like AJ - Gaffney/Mathis - Armstrong. If Bush is drafted, he'd probably see considerable slot work as well but I'd still expect us to pick up someone else.

TE: Hopefully this will be addressed in the 3rd round. If Joppru is healthy, great, not banking on it. Rivers looked pretty good as a receiver lately so if he can block, maybe TE is so much of a need. Bruener is useless. Just line up Wand in his spot because throwing to Bruener is a crapshoot.

OL: I'm expecting it to look something like Pitts - McKinney - Hodgdon - Wiegert - Wade with a first day pick on a T or RG that will likely be forced to supplant Wiegert/Wade as soon as they get hurt (Wiegert) or just suck. Hopefully Hodgdon can hold down the C position so we don't have to see McKinney there ever again. As for LT, Pitts stays there for now unless Wand has a miraculous offseason or they draft someone that blows them away and doesn't need a season at RT (unlikely to happen as I see it).

DL: Walker , Payne, Johnson aren't going anywhere. I don't think the DL is our big problem, although we could still use some more help there as Walker and Payne are getting pretty old and Walker gets hurt a lot. If the new coach wants to switch to a 4-3, we have to look at acquiring Def Ends better suited to it, which I'm against right now (the switch) because it just opens more holes.

LB: Babin has looked better lately, Orr has come on some and maybe one of these days Peek will get it together. Greenwood seems like a faster Foreman. Although I'm withholding too much judgement until we get a new DC that gives these guys more of a chance to play.

CB: Has to be addressed. Robinson gets it done but Casserly's genius Buchanon trade isn't even close to working out and Faggins really isn't meant to be more than a nickel corner/spot starter. He gets exposed too quickly. I think Buchanon sticks around another year but on a very short leash until he shows he's capable of starting.

FS - Needs to be addressed, preferably with a veteran not named Marcus Coleman. CC Brown has exceeded expectations but with so much youth in our secondary I'd like to see an actual "field general" out there to keep them all coordinated better.

SS - I like what Glenn Earl has been doing lately, he can stick around with CC Brown as his primary backup. Ramon Walker can stick around because of his special teams play, as I really have no clue where he's at in his development as an actual player. But it would not surprise me if he was gone.

K/P - Brown and Stanley haven't been great this season but I think in a season that isn't in the garbage every week of the year, everyone will improve by some degree.

I know a lot of this has been said but I'm kind of bored at 2 am.

01-02-2006, 02:32 AM
you can say things I disagree with all day long Kimmer :).. ive found that my opinion opposes the opinion of the masses quite a bit when it comes to the Texans.

In the future it would be great if you would at least TRY and be factual.

for example.. Carr is a whimp? as many sacks as he has taken..how many games has he missed? Did you see the jacksonville game where he ran for like 20 yards with his hurt shoulder and got slammed right down onto it? How about all the times he has taken a hit to get some yardage, or back to the line of scrimmage?

Hes a slob? He is one of the most clean cut pretty boys in the league.

Hes cocky? I havent seen it..where do you get this from? just cause he LOOKS cocky? he isnt.. ive seen nothing to back that up.. if anything he has seemed very humble and gracious.

Now.. if you want to back up your comments with some kind of opinion on his play on the field, and how we need to let him go because of THAT.. then great, knock yourself out.. but if all you are going to do is toss out insults.. then please, dont bother.. or at least make them coherant and somewhat rooted in reality.

That being said.

McKinney: for the BILLIONTH time. MCKINNEY IS NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT!!!!!!!!!! A CENTER!!!!!.. hes never been a center.. we took him and MADE him a center and he is a BAD one. What he IS is a left guard.. and he is a dang good left guard.. and if we would put Hodgdon in we could move McKinney to LG and he would actually be one of our BETTER linemen at that position. READ PEOPLE!! PLEEEAASSEEE REAAAADDDD

Gaffney: If it is at all possible to resign him.. we NEED to. He is a well above average slot receiver. He makes plays.. he has great hands.. he runs solid routes.. and he is just a first down machine. If his price is reasonable..jump on it. If not, kiss him goodbye cause I guarantee someone else is going to sign him, and we will probably regret it later.

Coleman: ..eh..im torn. hes a good FS when he wants to be.. but his lack of effort this year doesnt paint a pretty picture for him. I think letting him go might be best.