View Full Version : Carr ready to go into another gear!

08-01-2004, 12:09 AM
Over the offseason, the main topic was David Carr being able to make an adjustment to become the franchise QB the Texans thought he would be. BUT, did these guys really take into account the jump Carr really made last season. Looking at his numbers, if you take away the injury plagued games of two quarters or less, and the games he didn't take a snap, Carr was well on his way to a 3000+ passing season!!Of course, the TD-to-INT ratio is not what you would have liked, but this is something that gets better and he gets older and understands the game more! As for last season, who knows what happens, when your true #1 signal caller is in the game, and you squeeze out a game against Tampa Bay and New England. The Texans may have won an extra game or two or even more if you get on a roll! The main focus this season will be the defense. Can we get back to the form that had us in the top 10, 2 seasons ago, and can DD repeat his rookie performance, leaving opposing defenses off balance! Get ready Texan fans, we have a Carr ready to roll, and I'm gonna be there for the ride! Mark my words Texan Hopeful, Carr finishes in the Top 7 in passing, and the Texans surprise the league with a 10-6 season, pushing for the playoffs! :soapbox: :headbang:

08-01-2004, 12:28 AM
Man, Carr seems bigger and stronger. Also, there's an air of confidence surrounding the Texans camp this year. We will be in playoff contention in the last few weeks of the season.

08-01-2004, 11:29 PM
The Texans should reach the Post_Season w/ as much talent as they have,,,, With the threat of Johnnson and Bradford down field that should leave lots of running room for Davis and the same goes for Johnnson and bradford with defenses focusing on Davis! If we dont make it to the playoffs it'll be because of injuries or bad play calling ,,,I c us a wild card team this year ,,,,We might not be in the next superbowl but we'll make our name known around the league for sure.

08-02-2004, 12:04 AM
i think we have a valid chance to make the playoffs but if we dont we should at least be in the mix for a wildcard position.

But on Carr, he is a confident guy and he is getting more and more mature. This season is the season that I think all the pieces will fall into place. Hes always had a rocket right arm, his accuracy has continued to improve and he no longer has a rookie WR lining up in the formations. The O-Line is 20 times better than year one so there shouldnt be much of a problem getting passes off. Basically it just comes down to all the other 10 players doing their jobs. If Carr has enough time, and you're open, no matter if its 4 or 40 yards down field, I think he can get it there.

08-02-2004, 10:15 AM
Carr was injured in game #7 last year at IND. These are his numbers from the first six games:

114/195 59% Completions 1421 yards 5 TDs 7 INTs

Barring injuries, over a full year that had him on pace for...

304/520 59% Completions 3789 yards 13 TDs 18 INTs

Now the TD/INT ratio is pretty bad, but nearly 60% completion percentage and 3789 yards are not bad numbers at all.