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12-12-2005, 05:57 PM
Casserly ought to be embarrased, during his entire tenure he has made no real moves to address the OL problem, other than Boselli who never really played.

In regards to our first pick... first and foremost we must maintain those moral victories, it will be extremely difficult with Arizona and SF still on the horizon. If we can keep this up until SF, this will be a very interesting game, you know possibly sale it as the "SUPERBUSH I" Game. Can you imagine which team will try harder to lose. I give the advantage to H-Town who currently has more practice at it and with Arizona coming to town, one more game to perfect it.

With the first pick, I would still take Bush who truely is a once in a 5-10 year player. As much as I want OL, I would make a concession here. Trade DD, who if he continues on this roll might get us in return a late 1st or 2nd round pick. Between the picks available to us in rounds 2-3, free agents and potential trades this OL situation could be settled. Should Bush decide to stay, then I say trade out of the spot and take nothing less than a multiple pick package or maybe another thought... Gallery and Oakland's second or maybe their first round pick for the #1 pick.

Now, for a really crazy thought... if T.O. could get his head straight, which I think the Philly thing might have been a good wake up call, I would be willing to sign him to a contract, very small signing bonus, for maybe 3 years with a clause that maintains he is paid each year on average of the top 4 receivers ( similar to Hakeem's deal with the Rockets ). This might alleiviate the money concerns and have him focus on football. I wouldn't be opposed to including a clause that if he leads the NFL in receiving then the following year he would get a raise to match the top paid receiver. Simple, reward him for what he does, don't backload the money.

Add Bush, T.O. and some OL in the same year and you can add "fun to watch" to our vocabulary. Could you imagine our trio of receivers ( Owens, Johnson & Gaffney ) and where they would rate?? Walk this proposition on the field and you really would see the second coming of Barry Sanders. Not to mention Carr would have a field day.

While I'm wishing, how about we talk Jimmy Johnson out of retirement and let him rehire his top guns who both will probably be available at year end. Turner, great O.C... lousey H.C. and Wandstadt, also great D.C... lousey H.C. If we have the number one pick and Bush is coming out, I could see us having the potential pieces in place, not to mention the needed slips in Galveston to get him back on the sideline. He could also handle T.O. with no problem.

Also, anyone else opposed to seeing the Texans drop the white pants for home games? Those pants just lame out an otherwise cool look. Personally, I would opt for blue pants and blue jersey or blue pants and red jersey. Road look can stay as is.

Just my thoughts.

12-12-2005, 06:08 PM
I agree with the idea that Casserly has abandoned the OL situation. That's pretty fair assessment.

I do not agree with your thoughts about trading DD. Yes, I'm a homer for DD and I'll tell you why: On a team that has royaly stunk, he is performing at the same level as other top backs on the top teams right now. He's no Shaun Alexander, but he's no slouch either. Plus, he is the type of player the Texans desire to draft or sign from free agency. Along with Mathis and Dunta, you have a trio of superstars that you just don't let go for an unsure thing. Casserly's failures at OL is not a reason to sell DD down the river...because after all, that was a Casserly pick (DD) too, and it was a darn good one (4th round, correct?). DD is more of a Texan player than Carr is, IMO. DD is a guy who gets it done no matter what the obstacle each Sunday, and you just don't eaisly replace that kind of reliability.

And TO? No way, Jose. That's a desperation move, and TO deserves to NEVER be signed ever agin. He deserves to be the Pete Rose of football, the guy who committed the unpardonable sin. In baseball you don't gamble, and in football you don't goat your teammates to elevate your own stock price. McNair would have NOTHING to do with TO, but plastic face down in Irving sure will.

IMO, Casserly does need to go at the end of the season. Your idea about Norv and Dave returning to their roles with Jimmy Johnson also in his role of HC is, I must admit, a pretty good idea. Those three guys did a heck of a job in their respective roles...and I think that's an idea that's just crazy enough to work.

12-12-2005, 07:10 PM
TO No @#$#@ Way! We have enough problems in Houston allready. Why compound our problems by bringing that selfish jerk here..If DD can Rush for over 1000 yards with the current OL Imagine What he could do with some real blocking. I don't, know that sounds pretty damn exciting to me. Reggie will not hold up between the tackles for a 16 game season.Use him like Dallas used Walker by trading him to Minnesota. They began to build a dynasty.
Look I have nothing against Reggie Bush but we can get more by trading him.
One more thing this is all based on if we get the 1st pick in the draft. I really hink we can beat the cardinals and the 49ers.

12-12-2005, 07:10 PM
GO Dan Reeves

12-12-2005, 08:41 PM
Say No To Dan Reeves, Just Say No!!!! If he takes over we might as well advertise like a script the first 3 plays of every drive. DD or Bush up the middle. Bush or DD to the outside or 3 hole. Then we pass and hope for the best. Hope our punter is built for endurance.

I think DD has been awesome in the C#*P offensive hand he was dealt. But, a player of Bush's caliber and sheer game speed comes along about every 5-10 years and when he's there you take him. Knowing what you now, if Barry Sanders was available in the draft, would you think twice? Just go back in time and several scouts didn't think he was big enough to handle the NFL punishment. That's why DD's value will be very strong when we entertain offers.

Would you give up our number one pick to Oakland if Bush is in the draft for Gallery and a swap for First round picks?

How about same senerio with the Jets, Kevin Mawae(If I spelled it right) and a swap of first round picks?

Does either team go for this offer?

If we do draft Bush, what are the chances we can send DD to the Lions for one of their Williams or Williams receivers? I think either guy could be a perfect addition.

Just trying to get creative.

12-12-2005, 09:33 PM
It's real interesting to assess DD's value. It's funny for a board of "fans," how underrated fans constantly make him. It's kind of like how underappreciated Tiki Barber is. Reality is the production that DD has brought forth with a defense that has shown no semblance of respect to the passing is out and out amazing. That being said, what could he get and where would he be a good fit? Some food for thought:

-Edge and Alexander could not get 2nd round picks, but it was b/c they did not have contacts in place.
-Corey Dillon got a 2nd round pick the year after being hurt and playing part time with Rudi Johnson
-There was alot of RBs in the draft last year, this year absent Williams there is not much to offer.
-This year more than any, there are not alot of primary backs

That being said here are some possible matches:
-NY Jets: Discussed above
-San Francisco: Barlow clearly not the future, but did use a 2nd on Gore.
-Indy: Word is they will let Edge walk, but I doubt that Texans trade in their division.
-NO: Deuce's ACL, not what I would want my money on.
-Baltimore: See last week.
-Minnesota: Continual carousel at RB

Other possibilities: Arizona (nice fit for the offense) and Green Bay.

There seens to be a market and DD's salary should make him an enticing option for all those teams.

12-12-2005, 09:41 PM
[QUOTE=TEXANFAN23435]Also, anyone else opposed to seeing the Texans drop the white pants for home games? QUOTE]

The rest of your suggestions are either out and out wrong, or just plain bad, but please do not suggest the Texans drop their pants during home games unless we sign Warren Moon as our QB. :tomato: