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12-08-2005, 11:34 AM
Trade down from 1st to 6th overall..
(Recieve 2nd and 3rd Round)

Trade DD for a 3rd Round..

1st - HB DeAngelo Williams (Memphis)
(Great Back.. Decent Size, good speed and great field vision.. averaging 6.2 yrds per carry, 15 TDs for the season.. I think he's gonna be a solid back for us with the new revamped coaching staff and new o line..)

2nd - OT Marcus McNeil (Auburn)
(HUGE, with great speed for his size.. A punishing Run Blocker and Solid Pass blocker.. Has REALLY Quick Feet.)

2nd - OT Johnathan Scott (UTexas)
(Not as Fast or Quick as McNeil but he's a mauler at run blocker and a solid pass blocker..)

3rd - CB DeMario Minter (UGA)
(Physical and Has good speed, rare physical-cover corner)

3rd - DE Kamerion Wimbley (FSU)
(Extremely QUICK, Great Pass Rusher.. a bit undersized but nothing that training camp cant handle.. beef him up 10 more pounds of muscle and he'll be good to go)

3rd - TE Joel Klopfenstein (Colorado)
(Great Size.. Amazing Speed for his size.. Good hands.. Could give LBs a problem on passing downs)

3rd - OLB Roger McIntosh (UMiami)
(Great Speed.. solid tackler.. could be a steal in the third round..)

4th - S Daniel Bullocks (Neb)
(Good size..Good speed, physical Safety plays with an attitude.. Reminds me of Antwan Peek just at Safety)

5th - S Greg Threat (UMiami)
(Good Speed, Good Size.. tackling is a questionable at times, but he plays at top speed..)

6th - WR Clinton Solomon (Iowa)
(6'3.. Tall Target with good hands often a target for a scrambling Drew Tate.. could be the target of a scrambling Carr.. :o)

7th - ILB Leon Williams (UMiami)
(Great Speed, would defintely be a hidden gem in the 7th..)

V Man
12-08-2005, 01:45 PM
That would be awesome, but Scott for sure and possibly McNeil will be gone by the second round. Also Minter won't make it out of the second.

12-08-2005, 02:12 PM
Trade down from 1st to 6th overall..
(Recieve 2nd and 3rd Round)

Well that is not great value. The chart isn't the bible but #1 (3000 pts) vs. #6 (1600 pts) + (assume 6th pick in 2nd and 3rd) #38 (520 pts) + #70 (240 pts) or 2360 pts.

12-08-2005, 02:23 PM
We got robbed. Some of your picks are solid. McNeil may make it into the second, but Scott will not likely. Minter if he does not run well is a third rounder, but he will likely run well. Threat is nice, but reminds me of Rumph a few years ago, would maybe like to see Griffin or Huff in there if they run well. Leon Williams in the 7th would be awesome, I would also look at Levon Nagy the DE he is about Peeks size but faster and from the U. Roger McIntosh is a beast he is not as good as Vilma, but he definately works harder could be a real steal in this draft. Not a fan of your first pick and giving up DD for Deangelo Williams seems pretty pointless. If we are going down to 6 lets look at a more elite prospect that D. Williams. Kloppenstien and Bullocks are solid picks, but I think I would rather some other guys.

12-10-2005, 04:38 PM
DD for a third rounder is ridiculouse. Whats more ridiculouse is that you have J Scott and McNeill as second rounders, and most ridiculouse is giveing up DD and not taking Bush with the first pick.

12-10-2005, 04:59 PM
I absolutely don't understand trading Davis for a 3rd rounder (and taking a $8.4 million cap hit) and then drafting a rookie RB, especially DeAngelo Williams who is relatively the same type of runner that Davis is.