View Full Version : Draft Watch - where do we end up?

11-28-2005, 09:32 AM
Right now we have the #1 pick. I think we could end up anywhere from 1-15 to 4-12. Here are the teams that are 4-7 or worse and their remaining games against teams that are 4-7 or worse. I'll update this weekly. I won't include SOS until we get towards the end.

1 Houston 1-10 Baltimore, Tennessee, Arizona, San Fran.
t2 Green Bay 2-9 Detroit, Baltimore
t2 NY Jets 2-9 Miami, Buffalo
t2 San Fran. 2-9 Arizona, Houston
t5 Arizona 3-8 San Fran., Houston
t5 Baltimore 3-8 Houston, Green Bay, Cleveland
t5 New Orleans 3-8 Detroit
t5 Tennessee 3-8 Houston, Miami
t9 Buffalo 4-7 Miami, Jets
t9 Cleveland 4-7 Baltimore
t9 Detroit 4-7 Green Bay, New Orleans
t9 Miami 4-7 Buffalo, Jets, Tennessee
t9 Oakland 4-7 Jets, Cleveland

This week's head-to-head games:
Buffalo at Miami
Houston at Baltimore
Arizona at San Francisco

Kaiser Toro
11-28-2005, 09:47 AM
Not looking good for us is it? This is a must lose game this weekend for those that want the first pick.

Thanks for the work, I do not want the first pick but like waht you have done here to show the prospects.

12-05-2005, 10:04 AM
Draft ranking/Team/Record/Head-to-head games
1 Houston 1-11 Tennessee, Arizona, San Fran.
t2 Green Bay 2-10 Detroit, Baltimore
t2 NY Jets 2-10 Buffalo
t2 San Fran. 2-10 Houston
t5 New Orleans 3-9 Detroit
t5 Tennessee 3-9 Houston
t7 Arizona 4-8 Houston
t7 Baltimore 4-8 Green Bay, Cleveland
t7 Buffalo 4-8 Jets
t7 Cleveland 4-8 Baltimore
t7 Detroit 4-8 Green Bay, New Orleans
t7 Oakland 4-8 Jets, Cleveland

This week's key games:
Oakland (4-8) at NY Jets (2-10)
Houston (1-11) at Tennessee (3-9)
Detroit (4-8) at Green Bay (2-10)

Remaining games:
New England at Buffalo (4-8)
Cleveland (4-8) at Cincinnati
San Fran. (2-10) at Seattle
Washington at Arizona (4-8)
Baltimore (4-8) at Denver
New Orleans (3-9) at Atlanta

Miami, Baltimore, and Arizona all got wins and moved down the list. Miami actually got taken off of the list after they got their 5th win. Lets hope the Jets or Packers can get a win this week with easier opponents.