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11-21-2005, 06:22 PM
Some of you have been very critical of Carr. I don't know how many of you watched the FSU vs USC game, but you saw they gave Penniger protection and he was able to throw the ball against SC. We gave them a very hard time. Pat Hill made it very clear that he intended to win the game, but some mistakes cost us the game, but they fought to the end. Players coached by Hill all have that personality. Many of you thought FSU would get blown out of the game, but we did not. Carr was used to being protected by his line while at Fresno State. Remember, people like Mankins saw to it that he had plenty of time. The Texan's coaching staff has decimated this team and it has affected nearly every player on this ball club. Whether it is DROB, AJ, Carr - you name it - they have been affected. Mathis might be lucky to be under the wing of Marciano. Perhaps there's a reason we don't see him at the receiver spot. He's not capable of playing that spot. He hasn't had enough time to learn the position. The last two statements are tongue in cheek.

Allowing these coaches to remain is a travisty. It simply gives them more time to destroy what remains. The longer McNair waits the more impossible the task becomes for the next coach whoever it may be. Carr is a very much better player than Vinny thinks. But I would also agree with Vinny that based on performance it certainly doesn't look like that is the case. Again, this coaching staff has destroyed almost all talent they have come in contact with. I don't believe I have ever seen a more inept group of people. Folks, you have a very good young man and player in Carr. Don't give up on him or any other player on this ball club. Just root for McNair to do the inevitable sooner than later.

God bless all of you and GOOOOOO Texans..................

11-21-2005, 06:32 PM
Twas quite a game. They would've won if they were able to tackle Reggie Bush at all. Other than the third quarter fiasco where they allowed 28 points, FSU outplayed USC for the other three quarters, in my opinion.

Almost Anybody
11-21-2005, 06:34 PM
Did Carr lock onto Bernard Berrian at Fresno State like he locks onto AJ here?

11-21-2005, 07:40 PM
Did Carr lock onto Bernard Berrian at Fresno State like he locks onto AJ here?

No! He had lots of time to pick his targets. All young QB's do that to some extent, but we've always had a number of people to throw to. FSU has had some pretty god offensive lines lately. It makes a big difference mentally. I believe a lot of the bad habits you see in Carr have been developed by the Texans and the lack of an O-line. My point was as good as SC was defensively upfront they had a hard time getting to Penniger. SC will be beaten if they are beaten by a passing attack and not the running game. That's why we matched up so well against them. I knew the running game would hurt us, but special teams play and the passing game were ours in that game. SC without Bush is a loss against us. As Pat Hill says, Reggie is special. SC is certainly a great team, but FSU is no sloutch this year.

11-21-2005, 07:47 PM
Remember the game Carr hit Bradford with a TD pass that was dropped and all of the yelling because he didn't throw to AJ. I think if you look closely you will find that a lot of player's on this ball club have developed a lot of bad habits per the coaching. Carr has been told to go to AJ and I think its as simple as that and its reached the point of ridiculousness. For a QB to be successful he must have time. If he doesn't he will not be affective. I still think Wand is a better tackle than most of you think. He will never see the light of day with this coaching staff though.

11-21-2005, 08:57 PM
When all of our o linemen have played each other's spot a dozen times, to try and find "an answer," then none of our o linemen are good enough.

They have big hearts especiallay on run blocking, but they just don't pass block very well. This past game Carr had GREAT pocket a lot more consistently than the rest of this season, so I'll give them that. And Carr stood in the pocket on several occasions (two come to mind) and delivered lasers on target.

I, too, think Carr has gotten the bad end of the stick. I had severe doubts about him a few weeks ago, but watching him lately I have grown to think that he can have one more year under a new coaching staff and hopefully a stud o linemen with our top pick in order to see if he's got the gift or if he was just the convenient pick at the time. Can any of us really think that Mike Quinn or Tony Banks would give us a truly better shot at winning this past few years?

Anyway, this whole season is just a bad dream that is really happening. All I can think is that maybe it was meant for a higher purpose. But until mcNair actually shows that he wants to pull out all the stops and assemble a Super Bowl-caliber team form the top down...I have to fear that all we'll see is more free agent tinkering on defense and on the o line. And that would mean more years of misery.

Surely McNair sees the need for a stud o linemen, especially with this year's crop of o linemen. I like what he have in AJ, Gaffney, and Armstrong. I think Todd Wade is a great run blocker, and I think Pitts is good enough at LT if we just had a stud o linemen next to him to help out.