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Coach C.
11-05-2005, 02:31 AM
Well we all know the Texans are going to get better as the season goes along and we will end up with a solid top 10 pick. Minnesota, GB, SF, Arizona, Tenn. and Cleveland are all looking to take that top spot. I do not want the season to ever end, but when it does I hope our new GM or current one(if he kisses enough behind) will make the right calls in the offseason. Obviously we have certain guys that are going to get cut and some names that we have grown accustomed to we will part ways with. I just wanted to throw some names out that might hit free agency that I think could make a contribution to our team.

1. LeCharles Bentley C/G- The guy is a star and he is only 25 or 26. It will take big money to get him but pro-bowlers are worth it.
2. Andre Davis ILB- Come on you guys saw this guy with last sunday and he is second in the league as far as %of Defensive plays involved.
3. Will Allen CB- The guy is fast and can tackle. He is nothing more than a nickel, but we should look into some corners.
4. Lenny Walls CB/FS- Another underachiever, but he has the size and talent to play a role in this league, plus he can play two posistions
5. Aaron Kampman DE- He is a blue collar player that gets after it every play. Not high on talent, but makes up for it with sheer force of will.
6. Justin Hartwick C/G- Another young player that has tons of potential. Plus he plays for our rival and is very talented.

These are just six players that are coming up on UFA for the offseason that I think would help the team. More guys will be cut for salary and other reasons, but as of right now we could not do better than Bentley and Davis. I think it would be costly to get both of them, but getting rid of some of our larger and intermediate contracts and we should have more than enough for these two guys and our draft picks. If you can think of some more guys chime in...

Kaiser Toro
11-05-2005, 08:19 AM
I found a link on the the skill players who will be UFA 2006.

McMichael would be nice from this list. And I would like to resign Gaffney.


11-05-2005, 11:21 AM
LeCharles Bentley would be a great start for the O-line, OT Jeff Backus of the Lions, OG Steve Hutchinson of the Seahawks was a first rounder if not mistaken. TE Dan Campbell would be a nice addition to protect Carr...as far as defense, I would like to see them go after SF's Julian Peterson (I doubt the niners let him get away), or Giants' Nick Griesen, who can play ILB or OLB. :texflag:

11-05-2005, 11:23 AM
It's a little early to speculate since most teams will lock up the better FA's before the end of the season. The list will be quite smaller later in the year as the better players get new contracts with their current teams.

11-05-2005, 11:32 AM
McMichael would be nice from this list.

He's signed through 2009; Link (http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/columns/story?columnist=pasquarelli_len&id=2182962)

11-05-2005, 04:50 PM
There is almost a 0% chance that Bentley will be available. He is young, talented, and has played well. They will resign him sooner or later

Coach C.
11-05-2005, 04:56 PM
My thought on Bentley is that He may not want to be back. That is the reason I put him up there. He would also have his choice of teams if he hit the market, and there is not much we could offer him. But you imagine. Pitts, McKinney, Bentley, Winston(r), Wade. Damn David would urinate on himself he had so much time.

Kaiser Toro
11-05-2005, 05:30 PM
He's signed through 2009; Link (http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/columns/story?columnist=pasquarelli_len&id=2182962)

Yep, I am an *****. I knew it was dated and then I went ahead and wanted to sign a guy that I knew had been signed. :tomato:

To paraphrase George Carlin, I posted like old blank blank. Slow and sloppy. :)

11-05-2005, 06:42 PM
You know, I would rather see you all not go after anyone in FA right away. You build a team through the draft, New England are the example for that. If you go after FA's you have to pay a premium which then kills your cap. Draft the best available player, regardless of position, and build on that. That is the model that New England established, and the model we are following. You then sign a very selective and limited few FA's to fill some holes.

Think about it, they are on the FA market for a reason.

I really would rather see us and you fighting for the division title rather than the Colts or (in past seasons) the Titans.

I have a bit of love for your team because you bailed us out of salary cap ***** by selecting Walker, Payne and Boselli. It was sad for all of us Jaguars to see them go, and was much more sad that Boselli never played for you guys.

The whole point is, draft good, and take care of the cap. That's what builds good teams. Watch what happens to the Colts in a year or two, and look at the Titans right now.

11-05-2005, 07:50 PM
Well Bentley and Hartwick would be nice additions on the line, Davis would also be nice. I think that we should concentrate on re-signing Davis if he hasnt already signed already and Gaffney although receivers and running backs can be found readily enough if you look for them I think these two guys fit well with the team. While I agree that its a good idea to build through the draft you should also get veteran help to help rookies along. Our secondary I think has potential with Brown and Drob, but it wouldnt hurt to bring in some competition like SS Adam Archuleta of the rams, cb Nate Clements of the bills, or Charles Woodson of the raiders. A good secondary can help because it frees up the teams ability to call more blitzes well those are just some thoughts.

Coach C.
11-06-2005, 12:21 AM
People you do have to understand that most of the players that are listed on UFA boards and things of that nature will sign back with their team before we even get a crack at them. The players I listed actually have a shot at hitting the open market. Davis probably not due to Crennel really liking the way the kid plays. Bentley wants to leave NO though and head to a new surrounding. Honestly Bentley is the one guy I think we should actively pursue due to his ability to play all interior line posistions. The guy has talent and is young. Archuleta and Clements will not hit the open market though and Charles Woodson would be like bringin back Aaron Glenn without the leadership. Just an aging corner, when we can find a nickel in the draft or for less cash in FA. I dont want us to go and spend frivously in FA, I just want one or two key signing that can fill wholes for 3-5 years and then build through the draft.