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05-04-2004, 07:30 AM
If I don't perform at work, the company can come to me and say "Hey, we would like to adjust your salary or your done!" Now, I may not be happy and look for employment elsewhere, but this is how it works. They don't feel obligated to pay me, because they gave me the job first before hiring a nother person. This is opposite of the "League". Teams are feeling guilty about letting older players go, starters who are getting older, and "budding" players. Players are making a stink about remaining the starter, when nothing has been accomplished by them in the first place! BS. Roethlis-whatever should start in Pittsburgh day one.....Maddox was stocking shelves, and Roeth is at least as good. Rivers should play right away. Just as good as Brees and Fluttie together. But in the case of Manning....Bench! Only his name is carrying him to start, but in the interest of money for the organization and notoriety, this guy plays! I feel all of these guys should be paid according to what they have done. Playoffs.....Get your contracted dollars, losing season, get half, less than four wins, a fourth of the contract. This will keep all of these guys on their toes, and force guys to want to get better, rather than thinking their entitled to job!

05-04-2004, 08:25 AM
The trade off here is that draftees get more money than they have "proven" they deserve, in exchange for giving up the right to go to whatever team they want by going through a draft process determined by the league that gives them almost zero control of their fate. The propspects would certainly have an interest in finding out who would be the highest bidder, where they could be a starter, what region they would live in, how cash strapped the franchise is, whether the team is a contender, etc. In order to get them to give up all those considerations, the league guarantees that a certain amount of money will be spent on rookies and that they will be paid based on their "potential" as determined through their draft position.

As for contracts being adjusted based on performance, there are all sorts of likely to be earned incentives and unlikely to be earned incentives that teams use in contracts to encourage/reward performance. They are generally more attuned to individual performance such as Henson's deal that has contingent clauses if he takes 30% or 60% of the snaps in the first 3 years of his deal. Playoffs or any team record would be a poor contract basis as it is a team sport and it just isn't realistic or fair to think the QB alone much less the strong safety can elevate their individual performance sufficiently to determine the difference between a losing season and the play-offs.

05-04-2004, 09:56 AM
BTW get your stories straight. Warner was stocking shelves. Maddox had a successful insurance business. He isn't playing so much for the money, but rather to prove he has the ability to do it.

V Man
05-04-2004, 11:00 AM
BTW get your stories straight. Warner was stocking shelves. Maddox had a successful insurance business. He isn't playing so much for the money, but rather to prove he has the ability to do it.

When Warner was stocking shelfs, was Brenda on the intercom saying he should be promoted to checker? :um:

05-04-2004, 11:52 AM
i actually think the roethlisberger should be benched this year...on the simple fact that i believe sitting this season and watching maddox will help him a lot...maddox is a good QB...keep in mind last year he didn't have gandy blocking for his backside like his good year...they had a lot of o-line problems last year...lack of production from their backs...and a constantly injuried defense were all contributors to the steelers downfall...rivers is better than flutie and brees now and probably will start...don't give me anything about his throwing technique...he gets the job done...nuff said...as for manning...he's overrated...i saw him play in person twice against my team...and both kingsburry and symons out threw him...and they went in the 6th and 7th rounds respectively...manning has the genes to be good but that doesn't mean he will be...i hope for the giants sake that they knew what they were getting because they have also upset a lot of veteran players on that team with the move to get manning...he has a lot of respect to earn over there...should be interesting to see how him and shocky get along