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10-10-2005, 04:17 PM
When I became a Texan fan in 2001, everyone thought I was crazy!!

Since I started watching football as a kid me and my dad would always root for the Vikings! We were huge Viking fans, and then in 2000, I decided I wanted my own team to root for and cheer on! A team that was just starting and had no history, a team I could call my own!

So after 4 years and watching every single game, I'm at a loss of words!

First thing is that I feel that there are two people to blame in the front office! Those two would be Dom Capers and Charley Casserly! I don't think Dom get's on the players enough and just does not show any emotion, except his mouth opened wide! I think Charley has not made any good investments with free agents.....look at the guys we brought in this year....Wait what guys???

The other thing would be with David Carr! I think that he could be a good quarterback someday, but the thing that got me upset with him was the way he played in the first game of the year (his 4th season) and Buffalo BIlls Quaterback JP Losman played like he was in his 4th season. I know the line is to blame for a lot, but David must learn from his mastakes and be better then the line!

I guess the only thing else to say is with Wide Reciever Jabar Gaffney! I think he has really steped up in the last couple of years! Though, am I the only one to see this! Nobody ever talks about them him, For example he did a lot in the game against the Bengals, but nobody seemed to talk about him! I hope he stays and get's the respect, but if I were him, I would leave!

I know many will not agree and thats fine! This is my own opinon on the way things are going and what needs to be changed!

I'm always going to be a texan fan, but this is just my frustration :brickwall


10-10-2005, 04:21 PM
I'm with ya. I've been all about the Texans since they became a team and have bought into them completley.. untill now. Capers needs to go, Casserly needs to go, and.. it hurts me to say this but Carr needs to go.

About Jabar Gaffney, many people on this board have supported his play throughout the years, including myself. I feel he has been one of the more consistant players throughout our brief history. He just doesnt get the ball enough to be thought of as a consistant weapon.

10-10-2005, 04:26 PM
I'm with ya. I've been all about the Texans since they became a team and have bought into them completley.. untill now. Capers needs to go, Casserly needs to go, and.. it hurts me to say this but Carr needs to go.

Capers and Casserly, I can understand (Casserly needs to be more active in FA and quit wasting draft picks while Capers is having us run the wrong system in which our own players don't entirely believe in). Carr however, can be saved. Give him an O Line and a good supporting cast (a TE that can be a weapon in the passing game with AJ, Gaffney, and Mathis as our top 3 WRs) and I think he can show us what he can do, like he started to in 2004.

10-10-2005, 04:30 PM
I agree w/ both of you except that I think Carr should stick around. It must be something in the water in Houston. Hopefully things will improve soon. I won't be quitting on the home team. Eventually it gets better.

10-10-2005, 04:32 PM
Did you see in the bengals game that we had passed the 50 yard line and it was first and 10, then at the end of the drive it was 4th and 41??? I really think Carr likes to stand there and get hit because he does not move or throw anything away! I also think we need a Wepon at WR besides the three we have, I'm just not fond of Mathis!

10-10-2005, 04:32 PM
Carr needs to go?

Have you not heard? He's just a victim of the system.

If he just had AJ...we'd be in a lot better position.

He doesn't see anybody else but AJ and DD, and right now his best play is handing the ball off to a real man (DD) who fights and fights and fights. That's kind of been DD's situation all his life. He had to fight to get drafted and noticed, and he had to fight to win the starting RB job, and he had to fight to keep it. And he's still fighting on every play even though he just got a big payoff from the Texans FO. DD doesn't flail himself down on the turf and slam the ball in disgust when het gets stuffed at the line of scrimmage, instead he tries with everything in him to get positive yardage no matter what. That's why my avatar has been DD and it likely never change. He doesn't care what our record is, and neither does Dunta.

But alas, poor David has no time to throw. He has all the giftings to be the best Qb but we're just wasting them with this pathetic o line. He's so embarassed out there, and he shakes his head coming off the field like everyone around him has failed him and the team. Tisk, tisk.

Compare the fire and loyalty of DD and Dunta against Carr. Pretty obvious, to me, which two are proud to be a Texan and which one is oh so embarassed that we're 0-4.