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10-09-2005, 06:09 PM
First fire everybody casserly, capers, pendry, fangio. I would like to keep the secondary coach but thats up to who ever the next head coach is.
Second switch to a 4-3 defense. Cut Gary walker, Payne, and C Bradford. Second Sign the best DE in free agency. Third Sign best non LT oline in free agency. Next depending on J Mathis sign best TE or WR available. Then comes the draft.
If Pbuch and J Babin continue to play bad then trade them for whatever you can get hopfully a first rounder probably a second.

Top five pick = D'Brickashaw Ferguson
Trade one second and one third for a mid first round pick
Mid first rounder - AJ Hawk, Chad Greenway, Ahmad Brooks, Abdul Hodges
Second Round - Merecedes Lewis, Tim day, Leonarde pope or WR depending on free agency
Third round - DE, CB
Fourth round - opposit of round three
Fith round - FS to groom behind M coleman
Sixth round - Dline
Seventh Round - Fastest player left.

our starters would be
QB David Carr I'm going to give him one more season
FB Moran Norris
WR Andre Johnson, J Mathis or the FA we signed, J Gaffney
TE Rookie
LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson
LG Chester Pitts
C aquired in free agency
RG Zach Weigert
RT Todd Wade
DE Peek, aquired in free agency
DT T Johnson, R Smith
OLB K Wong, M Greenwood
MLB AJ Hawk, Chad Greenway, Adul Hodges, Ahmad Brooks
CB Drob, D Faggins, Rookie
SS CC Brown
FS Marcus coleman
I know most people say that the Texans need Depth so they shouldnt trade away any of there picks but IMO they need playmakers,Superstars,pro bowlers. So thats why I trade back into the first round.

10-09-2005, 06:41 PM
Pope is a monster. They say that he is 6'8, but he looks bigger too me. He looks like Bigfoot out there.

10-09-2005, 08:11 PM
One more season for Carr and thats why we would go in to Cap hell so early into our young franchise. 8.5 million im sorry but the only reasonable way david comesback is if he renegotiate and makes 8.5 million roster bonus more like 150k :texflag: