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10-09-2005, 05:15 PM
The Texans organization is first class. All the fans in Houston should forever be grateful to Mr. McNair for bringing the NFL back to Houston. Did we forget how it was without a team already? The Texans have made one and only mistake in their 4 year history. Hiring C. Casserly has proven to be the single mistake Mr. McNair has made. Hiring Charlie resulted in an unfortunate chain of decisions which brings us where we are.
1. I remember when the hiring of Capers was announced, it was quick and with a short list of candidates none of which had Super Bowl experience. But I gave Capers its due respect and time before making a judgement. At the end of the second season, I thought that our OL line had made great improvements, the sacks were cut down almost by half. Chester Pits was already looking like a good LT. So what did Capers do? His buddy Pendry was unemployed and due to the big fraternity that the NLF is, he named Pendry as our new OL coordinator. As you all know, the zone blocking scheme has failed, moving Pitts to the LG where he struggled in his 3rd year, and ignoring the fact that McKinney is the weak link in the Ol (by the way, did you see McKinney choosing to double team a guy to the left today and leaving an obvious LB blitzing in front of him to have a clear shot at Carr Today? I would have benched McKinney then). Hiring Pendry was a destructive factor in the chemistry of the offensive line and offense in general. I am sure that Palmer was already looking over his shoulder knowing that Caper and Pendry were close from having worked together before. The Offense has been going down hill ever since. So what did our genius Casserly do? Promote Pendry who presided over the worst OL in the NFL to the OC position. Does that make sense to you? How can a man who failed with the OL be good as the OC??
2. Hiring Capers brought Vic Fangio who had one of the worst defenses in the NFL with the Colts. I remember his buddy John McClain defending the decision because it raised eyebrows in the NFL, saying that his defense was the worst because of injuries..I guess injuries only affected the Colts over three years the Vic Fangio was the coordinator... the truth is that your record speaks for itself... the fact that John McClain was defending Fangio was a red flag by itself. The good news about Fangio is that he is a packaged deal with Capers. When Capers is gone, Fangio is gone.
Fangio to me is so dumb that he thinks he is smart by having a complicated defense that confuses even his own players. Look at the Colts' defense stats. That is the DC that we hired. Pitiful but true. Used to be people ran on their performance record but the NFL is not reality, what matters is who knows you
3. Palmers was a victim of Capers directions. His game plan was dictated by what Capers wanted, which is to run the ball 1st, 2nd... and maybe pass on third down
4. For things to change, Mr. McNair has to fire Casserly and it won't happen. Capers will be back next year. So when people say they have lost interest, it's understood. I was at the game Today and after it was over, I promised myself that I needed to find better things to do on Sundays.
Anybody interested in buying tickets from me?
5. The bottom line is that I have lost all respect for Casserly, not only because he goes on TV Sunday night pretending that we are just one play away from winning, but the fact that he has repeatedly said that we will draft the best player still standing in the draft. Then he passes on players because they don't fit the 3-4 defense mold that Capers favors. He says one thing and does another. How can Mr. McNair still trust what this guy says?

10-09-2005, 05:22 PM
Did we forget how it was without an NFL team already? Of course not but that's not the memory that's affecting my current reaction to the Texans. The real problem here is that I remember perfectly well what it was like to have the Oilers in Houston. If the Texans were just going through some growing pains that would be one thing. If this was 2003 or 2004 then that would be one thing.

This is 2005 and they look like a disorganized mess from top to bottom. They do things that make no sense and they do them all the time. Bad trades, inexplicable free agent signings and draft choices (Dave Ragone? WTF?), and they let players go who proceed to excel on other teams (Posey, Foley).

They're the Oilers and I remember exactly what life was like with the Oilers. I'd prefer no football to that again.

10-11-2005, 06:05 PM
Look, let's pay due respect to Mr McNair...so he made a mistake in hiring Casserly which brought Capers, Fangio and Company, but five years ago we did not have an NFL team, so please be patient. Let's just hope that Mr.McNair recongnizes the problem and fixes it.
One more point:
When Capers was hired, his winning percentage was 0.4 meaning that he lost 6 out of 10 games he was the head coach. Now, on TV I saw his winning percentage had dropped to 32 percent, which translates to he losing 7 out of 10 games as a head coach. I just want to know, why did Casserly hire a loser as our first head coach? Couldn't we at least hire someone who lost only half of his games? is that too much to ask? someone who won more that he lost? Casserly, why? were you trying to save money?