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10-07-2005, 08:37 AM
David Carr vs. Steve McNair
This battle pits the present day starting quarterback against the last signal caller to call Houston home. There is an immense amount of pressure on Carr to perform well at home. The fans are turning on him and the rest of the team, and the boo-birds are waiting for him to fail. McNair represents what could have been had the Oilers remained in Houston.

Todd Wade vs. Kyle Vanden Bosch
Vanden Bosch leads the AFC with five sacks on the season and Todd Wade will be responsible for keeping him from chasing Carr around the field. Wade is a mammoth at 6’ 8” and 315 pounds, and has a distinct size advantage over Vanden Bosch. He should be able to handle him physically, but given the offensive line’s performance to date, nothing is guaranteed.

Andre Johnson vs. Pacman Jones
While they will not line up against one another on every snap, this is a highly anticipated match-up. Jones was the top pick of the Titans’ 2005 draft and was a highly publicized holdout. As talented as Johnson is, he is bound to have a break out game sooner than later. Right? Seriously, I’m right, right? The Titans’ secondary is young and inexperienced, so this may be the week.
Three Keys to Victory
What will it take for someone on the Texans’ payroll to come out and state the obvious? Carr is on pace to suffer more than 100 sacks for the season, and every week, Capers and company tries to deflect blame from the offensive line. The O-line is playing well below par, and someone needs to call them out besides restless fans. Until the play of the pansies up front improves, Carr’s career will be doomed to fail, at least in Houston.

2. Create a turnover
The Texans are the only team in the NFL that has yet to create a turnover this season. Turnovers win or lose games, as evidenced last week in Cincinnati. Is it bad luck? Not after forcing a single fumble in three games. The defense is soft and not physical enough. It’s a good thing they Casserly and Capers let Glenn, Sharper and Foreman go.

3. Play to win the game
Dom Capers is content with keeping the score close into the fourth quarter, in his mind giving his team a chance to win. Hey Capers, the offense averages eight points a game and has failed to score a point in the fourth quarter all season. When a team is 0-3, whatever strategy that is being used is not working. What does the team have to lose by playing aggressive and taking chances? Capers is most likely out of a job at the end of the season anyway, why not go down in a blaze of glory?


No kidding on the last part that i put in bold

10-07-2005, 11:35 AM
Titans season could rest on Houston outcome

By Terry McCormick, tmccormick@nashvillecitypaper.com
October 06, 2005

“We’re not giving up on it yet. Even though we’ve started 0-3, Joe Pendry was talking the other day saying he coached a team in Buffalo that started 0-3 and they ended up getting beat by the Dolphins in the playoffs,” Carr said. “Our season is not over yet. I would tell anyone that is kind of doubting to hold on to that for a couple weeks.”

Carr, Pendry, and hopefully the whole team has some optimism.

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10-07-2005, 04:40 PM
lets break this down a little better...........the Titans DL will get alot better if 92 plays............if he is in there the Texans are gonna have alot of issues up front...........if he is out i think Carr and AJ will have time...........I expect DDavis to have more yds in catches than rush yds but i expect him to do well on Sirmon and Kassell.............when Bulluck has him he'll do little.............The Texans are gonna get a huge dose of CBrown this week..........25-30 carries..........and we will challenge the OLB all day in coverage and in the seams with the TE's and FB Flemming.................this is a huge mismatch in our favor............outside i expect a wash............Bennett will have an OK day...........but i expect Ty to break out much like AJ will and I think Brandon Jones will have another 3-5 catches.......We will attack PBuch and make your Safties have to choose the seam or the deep Corner with route combos.................BJones leads all rookie WR's in catches in the league..........I predicted before they yr he would be a candidate for OROY...........The Texans must put heat on Mac............I dont think they can sustain it and i think this game will be a 31-24 win for us.............I think DD and AJ will both have over 100 yds on us...............

10-07-2005, 04:53 PM
Hey Doc or Joe this is your bud Gary and I just wanted to say the score this Sunday will 27-7 and not the texans favor. :crying: :crying:

10-07-2005, 05:08 PM
It's me again I forgot PM and TB rules huh huh huh!!!!!! :respect: PM and TB.

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Well not me.