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10-03-2005, 02:16 PM
How did he do in his first game? I saw he had a 26yd kick return avg. did he play wr?

Coach C.
10-03-2005, 02:19 PM
He was in on some plays, but ran nothing more than streak routes to free up underneath receivers. He did look good on KR, other than he really did not have alot of blocking.

10-03-2005, 02:20 PM
It was a refreshing change not starting on the 20 yard line every time we recieved a kickoff. Mathis looked pretty solid on kick returns. Hopefully he'll break one soon.

10-03-2005, 02:24 PM
It said a lot that Shayne Graham ran up to tackle him around the 35. How many times do you see a kicker go after someone that far up field? Obviously he knew about Mathis' speed.

10-03-2005, 03:17 PM
mathis looked REALLY good to me on kickoff returns, and i'm saying that despite my skepticism of what he can bring to the offense. he was fast as we all know, but he ran with his eyes down the field and moved quickly. blocking broke down a couple times, but overall looked like a huge asset. both he & armstrong didnt get looked at in the passing game, so it's hard to know if either was out there as anything more than a distraction.

10-03-2005, 03:42 PM
thats cool, cause i was listeni ng on the radio(i was driving home from michigan) and i only heard mathis's name called on kr. i was hoping to hear about a long bomb. oh well, maybe next week.

10-05-2005, 11:27 AM
I lurk on this board a lot just to keep up with how Jerome is doing down in Houston. Now that he's healty, I hope he's able to make an impact on your team. I would like to see him more involved in your offense. Believe me, he will at the least, open the field up a lot. I hope people will not look at him as just a small college track star. I saw him play for 4 years. He's an excellent wide receiver. He should be an exciting player in Houston for years.

10-05-2005, 11:35 AM
I think he was babying his hamstring. Those are hard to get back to 100%.
He did have a good KR and one he was dancing too much, gotta head upfield. I look forward to Carr getting a pass in his hands and Mathis burning some CB's.

bobby 119C :texflag:

El Tejano
10-05-2005, 12:00 PM
I am hoping Mathis can have a good game this week against Tenn.

10-05-2005, 03:38 PM
I am hoping Mathis can have a good game this week against Tenn.

I think tht this would be the best opportunity to throw that pigskin long. I think that Pendry might call that play, but let's hope that Carr throws it this time!

10-05-2005, 03:42 PM
So long as Carr is throwing the ball and Mathis is in the picture that opens up your big threat... AJ :hmmm

Man, Mathis may be that 2nd threat the team needs at WR. We all know, Aj lit Tennessee up last season. Let's see it again this year.

10-05-2005, 04:31 PM
I love this guy. I beleive he should be a #2 receiver. He could act as A. Randall does for Pittsburg. He's a decent catcher and can sure get up and go. I beleive he'd really open it up for AJ. Even if he didnt open it up for AJ then it could be him making some big plays.

10-05-2005, 04:34 PM
ias watching some mathis high lights, and WOW. the guy moves. i dont know if its because he's playing poor competion or what. but i gues 4.28 is fast.