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09-24-2005, 12:05 PM
here is an overview of each postion

o-line - i dont think we have an above ave offensive lineman on the team. i think pitts is our best lineman and 3 years from now may be the only one left. contracts may keep wade and wiegart here for a while but they are ave at best and we dont have a chance to have a dominate line untill 4 of our current 5 starters or gone.

tight ends - my momma told me if you dont have anything nice to say(you know the rest).

rbs - dd is a good running back and if we had talent around him he could be very good. i think he could be our starting rb for the next 5 years.

wr - we have one great athlete with questionable hands and not much else. although i would like to see alexander on the field a little more. we need at least one other above ave wr to take pressure off aj.

qb - i like ragone as our future back up. i cant judge carr. need to see him play with a good line for an entire year. my guess is that he could be a good starter for a long time and we should keep him.

so on offense we need a tight end, a wr, and at least a couple of lineman.


dline - right now i think we are ok. in a year or two we will need another young guy in there. two if we change coaches and switch to 4/3 defense.

linebackers - i dont know what to think of these guys. greenwood showed a couple of flashes the last game. babbin is not the answer. i think we need a superstar lb before this defense can be dominating. ware would have been nice in the draft. i was hoping he would fall to us.

defensive backfield - obviously we need someone oppisite robinson. i think our safties or fine but not spectacular.

so on defense we need a great linebacker and a solid cornerback oppisite

so i think we need 6 players before we can be a solid team. so i hope they stop waisting pick and get to drafting or free agency soon. thats really a lot of players to pick up in one year. i think we might still be two years away. hope im wrong.

09-24-2005, 01:41 PM
We could always move Marcus Coleman back to cb and try and find a decent fs. I think it would be easier to find a serviceable fs than a good cb right now. That would solve the cb problem. Maybe we could move Earl to fs.

We need a mlb badly. If Wong continues playing as badly at this position as he has the first 2 games he will have to move back outside opposite Peek. Remember we signed Wong before he started his first regular season game this season at mlb. The Texans should have waited to see how he would do at his neww position first. Greenwood might be ok after becoming more comfortable at his new position. Peek will be fine. Babin could be replaced by Wong if Orr can't handle the job either. Overall our linebacker corps is in sad shape in a defense that requires big play lbs. Passing on DJ is going to haunt us for a long time.

Defensive line is ok for now. Walker is a salary cap nightmare. The Texans signed him long term and he has been hurt and played sub par ever since. We need to find an eventual replacement for Payne because of his past injuries, age, and never making it back to his previous level of play prior to injury. Hopefully TJ will turn into a monster on the line. Robaire Smith is average.

The OL is still a sore spot after 3 years. We will draft a LT in the first round next year. We also need a center. McKinney needs to go. I was hoping we would get Baas or Spencer this year. Pitts is good enough to stay long term. Wade is here at rt long term because of his contract. He is decent but not great. We will have to find a replacement Wiegert in the future also. Not nearly as critical as replacing the center though.

The rb position is decent with Davis. The Morency pick in the 3rd round was a waste in my opinion. We had much more pressing needs and we were unable to address them because we had already traded our other 3rd and a 2nd. Hollings should be cut.

WR we have Andre Johnson and then a bunch of #3 possesion type receivers. Mathis looks like a good pick in the 4th but he is still kind of raw. Hopefully he can work into that #2 spot because he is the only wr we have that can fill that role. Bradford should never have been resigned.

TE is another sore spot on this team. We need to search for a TE as if Joppru was never going to play a down for us and then if he does it is just a bonus for us.

QB is not nearly as bad as I read on these boards. Carr will be a good nfl qb and he will be a Texan. Banks will not be back next year. Ragone might be a good backup but we will still need to find another one to replace Banks.

I hope in next years draft on the first day the Texans draft:

I'm hoping we can find a legit #2 wr, a starting te that can block and catch, and maybe a dl or safety in free agency

09-24-2005, 03:03 PM
I think a player that would be a solid number 2 WR, could be David Givens from the Pats. I think he is in the last year or his contract and has only played for 4 years. Not to mention he has good size at 6'0" 212lbs.

Our TEs are almost a non factor in the passing game and hardly any impact in the blocking game. This problem can be solved next year in the draft or if Bennie can return from his injuries.

There are only two solid players on the o line, Pitts and Wade. Which all of us know is horrible. The LT problem can be fixed in the draft since there are 5 to 6 first round tackles. Weigert will be serviceable for another year. Which leaves McKinney as the next problem, there will be good centers in the draft and a few good free agents.

The d line will be set for another couple of years but another good young lineman would help a lot, a perfect fit for the d line would be Kwakou Robinson from Virginia(6'4" 327lbs).

The LB corps are a problem. Peek and Wong should probably be the OLBs, Greenwood will keep his job. Either Chad Greenway or Abdul Hodge of Iowa, or AJ Hawk of Ohio St could be drafted to start opposite of Greenwood.

If Buchanon doesn't doesn't win his starting CB spot back and isn't motivated to play good than another CB is need. Other than that the secondary is straight.

05-21-2006, 08:59 AM
i posted this at the begining of last season. it seems like kubiak did pretty well filling our needs this offseason. he upgraded every position on offense that i felt needed improvement. on defense he went a different route but getting mario will help all the cornerbacks and linebackers look better anyway.

the one position i was way off was free safety. i thought coleman would improve and be serviceable for a couple of years. im really suprised we havent done anything to upgrade this position but maybe they have a plan.