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09-20-2005, 12:02 AM
We have to utilize this scheme. It worked well when we used it against the Steelers (of course we stopped once we found it worked). We actually have the right personel for it. We can utilize Carr's three step drop or put him in shotgun and allow a few extra seconds of pocket time. The spread offense usually works well with a small shifty back. Davis would work well in this if not we can bring Wells in and leave him for pass protection. This scheme would allow us to open up the running game by keeping them in pass protection defense as well as spreading thinigs out. I know our team is horrible but i wouldn't mind seeing a few wins this season. I think this is the key to the offense.

Honch Delgado
09-20-2005, 12:21 AM
We are never going to change our offensive strategy until Capers is fired. Ultimately he has final say over the playcalling and he is and has always been a conservative "run the ball defense wins the game" coach. Our new OC doesn't even seem to want the job and has been criticized for being too conservative as well. If we don't go 7-9 this year Capers is gone and next year will be a rebuilding year.

09-20-2005, 06:27 AM
The only time we moved the ball with any level of effectiveness on Sunday was when we used the spread offense. I believe that was a Palmer thing and we'll see a lot less of it now, at least for a while. It's also when Carr looked his best. Funny how he can look pretty decent when he has 3-4 WRs out running and only mediocre when we ask him to pass from a 1-2 WR set in a bunch formation that somehow still doesn't pickup the blitz.

09-20-2005, 07:23 AM
We need to do anything out of the ordinary. Our offense is so predictable.
Hell, run an end around, screen, QB option, anything to keep the defense guessing and keep them from outright blitzing us every play.

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