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09-19-2005, 10:20 PM
I think the Texans should take a long hard look at themselves and step up and start taking responsibilities of their short comings. This "No Blame - No Responsibilty" attitude reminds me of "Pop-Warner Soccer"... We're all Winners!!! BullSHHH.... "Chris" Palmer should have been gone a long time ago! "Carr" should be right out the door behind him! This TEAM sold their souls to this kid, who no one ever even heard of in the collegiate conferences when he was drafted. (probably played at the junior college level - Chris Palmer was the scout). "Capers" should be fired for being asleep at the wheel. Even Helen Keller would have seen this train wreck coming. And finally, "Casserly" should have the ax as well, because he is in fact the "General Manager" and his job is the overall function and operation of the TEAM. To let his subordinates drive the start of this 4th season into the ground like a flaming yellow yard dart is an understatement. I am a season ticket holder, and to having to sit through these past two games of an "Elite NFL Organization" has left me jilted and jaded. THIS ORGANIZATION NEEDS TO GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER.

09-19-2005, 10:22 PM
Great Post be prepared to be bashed for trying to open people's eyes. :)

09-19-2005, 10:47 PM
Thanks Elite, but the truth is never easy to swallow when it's painfully frank and straightforward, when society has embraced "No Blame - No Responsibility" as a way for allowing failure to be promoted and acceptable. And listening to Capers at news conferences make excuses for the blatant & redundant mistakes (false starts, holding,etc... adding 60-100 yards in penalties) of players with multi-million dollar salaries is absolutley apalling. Joe Shat the Rag man would be fired for such faux pas. McNair needs to take the reigns and steer this team back onto the winning track.

09-19-2005, 10:54 PM
Great Post? Please! This is nothing but another reguritation of what a dozen other fans are saying. I've seen this same post, better written, and with actual facts included at least a dozen times since the Buffalo game.

And since Napalm could see this coming long ago when Carr was plucked from Junior College (What?) by Chris Palmer you would think that he might have had the common courtesy to attempt to warn the rest of the world. Instead he comes in after the fact and drops this troll into the great troll ocean that this board has become?

09-20-2005, 01:15 PM
Now we all see things differently, every one was excited about the team and about picking Mr. clean boy (Carr) and Caserly giving Caper's the chance to build the team..blah blah blah...No one here on this board could ever say this team is going to be this bad in it's fourth season.
Every thing with this team was going according to plans until Caper and Caserly started to get cute and thinking that they don't need good proven players to make the system works. The biggest mistake is letting good players walk before they could find out what the new ones could do. We should've kept Glenn to make sure that P.Burnt toast could actually play. Now we now that he really suck. We Haven't seen any special thing about Greenwood yet we let one of the best LBs in the league go (Sharper). We didn't go after Corey Simon and let the Team that we should be chasing grab him. We know Walker and Pane are old and they aren't going to play a full season (proven) ,Yet there is Simon healthy and Proven good player who also have a good presence in the locker room. That's where we started to go wrong. Spending Too much money on marginal players while letting good proven players who were already signed go. :brickwall