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09-01-2005, 07:13 PM
The sloppiest play calling I have seen him call yet , so predictable .The defense to my suprise has played better than i thought they would considering the changes they made , but Palmer cmon man quit playing so conservative. ok its your turn Palmer fans

09-01-2005, 08:44 PM
Palmer's play calling has NOTHING to do with how pathetic the first team looked tonight agains the buc's .... that was lack of execution plain and simple . Not way you can blame Palmer for this. :brickwall .... and I have been one of those who thinks he needs to go :goodnight

09-01-2005, 11:23 PM
I agree the team was bad tonight but why did we run on first and second down every drive with the first team even though we got stopped on first down? At least Gaffney looked good. That is all we can say about this game. Later, hopefully not til next season.

09-02-2005, 08:42 AM
The Bucs defense established the game in anticipation of the 3 step drop. Their safteys were in, everybody was in. They plugged the middle.

09-02-2005, 09:15 AM
there is a good offensive coordinator out there that we should hire before shiet hit the closed roof at the stadium..lets hire Goerge Siefert as an Offensive coordinator.

the wonger need food
09-02-2005, 09:28 AM
This offense couldn't score on the Katy Tigers right now. And they expect to win against Buffalo and Pittsburgh? Week 3 will be a good time for some changes.

The Preacher
09-02-2005, 09:34 AM
Just what we need the wonger to come pour some more salt on the wounds. :bguitar: Just kidding the pessimism becomes more entertaining by the minute and your remarks are pretty calassic. :D

09-02-2005, 09:01 PM
Someone please, PLEASE tell me people aren't complaining about playcalling in the pre season!!

09-02-2005, 09:46 PM
Someone please, PLEASE tell me people aren't complaining about playcalling in the pre season!!

Not at all , No way you could blame the starting offenses woe's upon Palmer . Cant blame it on the O-line either ... what a surprise ! They just havent EXECUTED . Its as simple as that .

If they cant execute the watered down version in pre-season how the hell can anyone expect Palmer to take off the training wheels ? Thats putting the cart before the horse :tomato:

09-02-2005, 11:01 PM
I agree that the execution sucked against TB until Carr blew his cool and then he started playing even worse. Watching that futility in Steel Blue made me wonder, why did we ever hire Chris Palmer anyway? What has he ever done? Glad you asked:

1.Head coach of the Browns, record 5-27 (2 years)- NICE, as bad as the Browns are it only took them 2 years to figure out Palmer is horrible, we still keep him around.

2. Drafted Tim Couch in the first round as the future franchise QB. 'Nuff said.

3. Coached Mark Brunell and the Jags to a division championship in 1997- OK that seems nice, but how much was really him? They had a great Defense and both Keenan McCardell and Jimmy Smith with a solid RB (James Stewart). Their division was pathetic with Cleveland, Cinncinatti, and pre-Ray Lewis Baltimore. I wouldn't give him too much credit for that flash-in-the-pan year.

4. He coached Drew Bledsoe while with the Patriots to the Superbowl, which is probably the best Drew ever was. One could argue Drew played well because Head Coach Bill Parcells would have kicked his weanie butt if he didn't play well. As far as I can tell Palmer is milking this achievement for all he can.

5. He coached the Oiler's recievers during the Run-n-Shoot Days. Hey is worked great for the Detroit Lions, right? Those recievers were all-pro without Palmer.

I just can't figure out why anyone looks at him and thinks, now there's a guy who knows how to construct an offense. Look at how many other have come into the league since then with no better players than Carr/DD/AJ and had tremendous success:

Jon Fox- that Cajun guy/RB by committee/Muchin Muhammad
Jon Gruden- pick your QB/pick your RB/just catch the ball WR

Andy Reid, Jim Mora, and some others may have some better players, but at least they're getting it done

I just think he could have been axed in the offseason for ANYONE with some good offensive ideas instead of reiterations from the run and shoot or dressed up vanilla offenses from 1985. Let's get Urban Meyer out of Florida, or some other young coordinator in the NFL. ANYONE with some new ideas who's not trying to ride a legacy created by others.

Thanks for reading my rant. I still think we go 9-7 in spite of Chris Palmer's ineptitude.

Texan Gal 312
09-03-2005, 09:03 AM
Palmer also succesful with Rob Johnson at Quarterback. So much so the team was able to trade him for a first round pick. (unless my memory is failing)

Anyway my question is the offense Palmer's or Pendry's? The offense is completely different than last year. Palmer's offense is based on reading the defense. We have gone to called routes and quick 3 step drops to eliminate sacks. This is what many of the "coordinators" on this board called for last year. Also in preseason we are max protecting and chunking it to Johnson and others deep - also what was called for here by the experts last year.

But it was preseason, I am hopeful we will see more from the offense in the regular season.

At the end of last year, Carr talked of "getting on the same page". Was he speaking of Palmer and Pendry ?

If Palmer goes, my guess is we get Pendry. From what I see, Palmer is already handcuffed by want Pendry wants.