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kra-z Texan
08-24-2005, 12:59 PM
If you could get one jersey from each team in the NFL who would u get, and which style?

Ex. Texans-Andre Johnson-Battle Red

Post mine in a little bit.

08-24-2005, 01:48 PM
49ers-jeff smith [normal]
Bears-Brian Urlacher [normal]
bengals-chad johnson [normal]
bills-j.p. losman [normal]
broncos-champ bailey [normal]
browns-kellen winslow jr [normal]
bucaneers-derrick brooks [normal]
cardinals-larry fitzggerald [normal]
chargers-lt or philip rivers [light blue]
cheifs-preist holmes [normal]
colts-peytan manning [normal]
cowboys-drew henson [the ones with stripes on the shoulders]
dolphns-ricky williams [normal]
eagles-TO [black jersey]
falcons-michael vick [all black jersey]
giants-eli manning [normal]
jaguars-fred taylor [normal]
jets-chad pennington [normal]
lions-joey harrington [normal]
packers-brett favre [normal]
panthers-julious peppers [normal]
patriots-tom brady [a pink one cuz hes a painsy]
raiders-randy moss [normal]
rams-torry holt [the ones they where in the suprebowl against the pats]
ravens-ed reed or terrel suggs [normal]
redskins-santana moss [normal]
saints-aaron brooks [normal]
seahawks-shawn alexander [normal]
steealers-ben rothlisburger [normal]
texans-david carr [red jersey]
titans-chris brown [normal]
vikings-daunte culpepper [normal]

08-24-2005, 02:05 PM
Falcons - Ron Mexico - Red

08-24-2005, 02:51 PM
Falcons - Ron Mexico - Red
lol i was gonna put thta to but i didnt think that many people new about it

08-24-2005, 03:25 PM
49ers- julian peterson [normal]
Bears- cedric benson [orange] - might be a collector's item if he sits out the season
bengals- carson palmer [normal]
bills- takeo spikes [normal]
broncos- Tom Nalen [normal]
browns- Trent Dilfer [normal]
bucs- Chris Simms [normal]
cardinals- [normal]
chargers- quentin jammer [light blue]
chiefs-priest holmes [normal]
colts- marvin harrison or dwight freeney [normal]
cowboys- billy cundiff [alternate]
dolphns- matt turk [orange]
eagles-TO [black jersey]
falcons- rod coleman [all black jersey]
giants- amani toomer [normal]
jaguars- john henderson or marcus stroud [normal]
jets-shaun ellis [normal]
lions-roy williams [alternate]
packers-KGB [normal]
panthers- ricky manning jr. [normal] - i know his cousin
patriots-richard seymour [normal]
raiders-randy moss [normal]
rams- adam archuletta [normal]
ravens- ed reed [normal]
redskins- patrick ramsey [normal]
saints-charles grant[normal]
seahawks-winfred tubbs [alternate-what are they?]
steelers-al faneca [normal]
texans-kailee wong [red jersey]
titans- keith bulluck [normal]
vikings-corey chavous [normal]

08-24-2005, 03:57 PM
49ers - Jerry Rice - throwback (home)
Bears - Nathan Vasher - road
Bengals - Boomer Esiason - throwback (road)
Bills - Mike Williams - home
Broncos - Karl Mechlenberg (sp?) - throwback (home)
Browns - Bernie Kosar - throwback (home)
Bucaneers - Chris Simms - home
Cardinals - Leonard Davis - throwback (home)
Chargers - Quentin Jammer - home
Cheifs - Derrick Johnson - home
Colts - Johnny Unitas - throwback (home)
Cowboys - Julius Jones - throwback (home)
Dolphns - Dan Marino - throwback (home)
Eagles - Troy Vincent - throwback (road)
Falcons - Michael Vick - alternate (home)
Giants - Phil Simms - throwback (home)
Jaguars - Jimmy Smith - home
Jets - Joe Namath - throwback (road)
Lions - Roy Williams - home
Packers - Brett Favre - home
Panthers - Julius Peppers - alternate (home)
Patriots - Craig James - throwback (home)
Raiders - Tim Brown - road
Rams - Marshall Faulk - road
Ravens - Ray Lewis - home
Redskins - Darryl Green - home/road (the red one)
Saints - Sam Mills - throwback (home)
Seahawks - Marcus Tubbs - throwback (road)
Steelers - Jerome Bettis - home
Texans - Andre Johnson - home
Titans - Steve McNair - throwback (Oilers...home)
Vikings - Chris Carter - home

08-24-2005, 04:15 PM
49ers- Ronnie Lott
Bears- Walter Payton
bengals- Iki Woods
bills- Jim Kelly
broncos- John Elway
browns- Bernie Kosar
bucaneers- Steve Young
cardinals- Rob Moore
chargers- LT
cheifs- Len Dawson
colts- Manning
cowboys- The list is long
dolphns- Marino
eagles- Jerome Brown
falcons- Deion Sanders
giants- LT
jaguars- Earnset Givings
jets- Curtis Martin
lions- Night Train Lain
packers- Farvre
panthers- Sam Mills
patriots- Tom Brady
raiders- Howie Long
rams- Eric Dickerson
ravens- Ray Lewis
redskins- Riggins
saints- Manning
seahawks- Largent
steealers- Joe Green
texans- Johnson
titans- McNair
vikings- Tarkenton

All the jersey would be their visitor jerseys. Really dont like the white ones.

08-24-2005, 05:14 PM
cowboys- billy cundiff [alternate]

ROFL, he was released today :)

08-24-2005, 05:42 PM
All the jersey would be their visitor jerseys. Really dont like the white ones.FYI-Most teams are the opposite of Dallas and play with their whites on the road.

08-24-2005, 07:43 PM
FYI-Most teams are the opposite of Dallas and play with their whites on the road.

Dallas pretty much plays in there whites all the time. May be 2 or 3 games a year that they wear their bules. Either way I wouldn't have any of the jerseys in white.

08-24-2005, 08:08 PM
49ers-Joe Montana [throwback]
Bears-Brian Urlacher [normal]
bengals-Boomer Esiason [throwback]
bills-Willis McGahee [normal]
broncos-John Lynch [normal]
browns-Jim Brown [throwback]
bucaneers-Cadillac on the back [normal]
cardinals-Antrel Rolle [normal]
chargers-lt [light blue]
cheifs-Tony Gonzales [normal]
colts-Edge [normal]
cowboys-Jason Whitten [normal]
dolphns-ricky williams [orange]
eagles-Jevon Kears [black jersey]
falcons-Warrick Dunn [black jersey]
giants-Jeremy Shockey [red jersey]
jaguars-Tony Boselli [throwback]
jets-Ty Law [normal]
lions-Roy Williams [normal]
packers-brett favre [normal]
panthers-julious peppers [normal]
patriots-Teddy Bruschi [normal]
raiders-Joey Porter [normal]
rams-Marshal Faulk [normal]
ravens-Ed reed[normal]
redskins-Clinton Portis [normal]
saints-Duece McCalister [normal]
seahawks-Shawn alexander [normal]
steealers-Jerome Bettis [normal]
texans-Jason Babin[red jersey]
titans-Warren Moon [throwback]
vikings-daunte culpepper [normal]

08-24-2005, 10:02 PM
Baltimore - Ray Lewis (Black/purple?)
Bills - Thurman Thomas (Throwback)
Bills - Jim Kelly (Throwback)
Browns - Jim Brown (Throwback)
49ers - Montana (Throwback)
Oilers - Moon (White)
Oilers - Campbell (White)
Cowboys - Staubach (Throwback)
Cowboys - Dorsett (Throwback)
Cowboys - Sanders (Blue)
Cowboys - Walker (Throwback)
Cowboys - Irvin (Blue)
Cowboys - Smith (Blue)
Cowboys - Stepnoski (Blue)
Cowboys - Moose (Blue)
Cowboys - Aikman (Blue)
Cowboys - Henson (Practice)
Cowboys - Williams (White)
Cowboys - Jones (White)
Cowboys - Witten (White)
Cowboys - Lilly (Thowback)
Cowboys - Nguyen (White)
Cowboys - Allen (White)
Cowboys - Woodson (Blue)
Raiders - Sapp (Black)
Raiders - Moss (Black)
Texans - Carr (White)
Texans - Davis (Blue)
Texans - Johnson (Blue)
Texans - Babin (Red)
Texans - K. Brown (White)
Titans - McNair

08-25-2005, 11:04 AM
49ers- Montana
Bears- Walter Payton..who else?
Bengals- Boomer
Bills- Jim Kelly/Turman Thomas..toss up
Broncos- John Elway
Browns- Jim Brown
Bucaneers- Doug Williams throwback
Cardinals- Pat Tillman
Chargers- Kellen Winslow
Cheifs- Christian Okoye
Colts- Manning
Cowboys- Walt Garrison
Dolphns- Larry Csonka
Eagles- Jerome Brown
Falcons- Brett Favre
Giants- LT
Jaguars- Mark Brunell
Jets- Namath
Lions- Barry Sanders
Oilers- Earl Campbell/Kenny Borroughs
Packers- Favre/Reggie..toss up
Panthers- Sam Mills
Patriots- Bruschi
Raiders- Bo Jackson
Rams- Eric Dickerson
Ravens- Ray Lewis
Redskins- Theisman
Saints- Earl Campbell
Seahawks- Steve Largent
Steelers- Bradshaw
Texans- Dom Davis
Titans- cant really think of one I would wear, does Fishers count?
Vikings- Fran Tarkenton

08-25-2005, 12:27 PM
For eagles id want a Reggie White old school

08-25-2005, 12:33 PM
49ers - Jerry Rice - throwback
Bears - Mike Singletary - throwback
Bengals - David Pollack
Bills - Jim Kelly - throwback
Broncos - John Elway - throwback
Browns - Bernie Kosar - throwback
Bucaneers - Steve Young - throwback
Cardinals - Pat Tillman
Chargers - Kellen Winslow Sr. - throwback
Cheifs - Tony Gonzales
Colts - Johnny Unitas - throwback
Cowboys - Jay Novacheck - throwback
Dolphns - Dan Marino - throwback
Eagles - Reggie White - throwback
Falcons - Dieon Sanders - throwback
Giants - LT - throwback
Jaguars - Jimmy Smith
Jets - Joe Namath - throwback
Lions - Barry Sanders - throwback
Packers - Brett Favre
Panthers - Julius Peppers
Patriots - Ted Bruschi
Raiders - Dave Casper - throwback
Rams - Deacon Jones - throwback
Ravens - Ed Reed
Redskins - Clinton Portis
Saints - Archie Manning - throwback
Seahawks - Steve Largent - throwback
Steelers - Terry Bradshaw - throwback
Texans - Antwan Peek - battle red
Titans - Bruce Matthews - throwback (Oilers)
Vikings - Matt Birk

08-25-2005, 01:39 PM
ROFL, he was released today :)

All the better. Lets just say that 1989 was my favorite Cowboys team of all time.

08-25-2005, 01:42 PM
I was thinking it had to be current players. I might have to put out a second one with some old timers.

08-26-2005, 10:38 PM
Well I'm not going to make a long list but one jersey I was looking in getting was a grey TO or McNabb jersey..