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Infographic: NFL team of over-30 year olds vs. under-25 year olds (http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24528080/comparison-nfl-team-of-over-30-year-olds-vs-under-25-year-olds)
A few weeks back our Pat Kirwan spoke to new Raiders defensive lineman Justin Tuck about free agency. Tuck, a bit upset about leaving the Giants, a team in which he spent the first nine years of his career, expressed his anger about the marketplace for players older than 30.

Tuck called the Giants' offer, "pretty much disrespectful," and later told our Pat Kirwan that teams tend to view players his age (31) and older as washed up and unworthy of a good look. He also went on to say that a team of over-30 players could put a beatdown on the NFL's youngsters.

Well, being that the Super Bowl-winning Seahawks had an average roster age of 25 we posed the question to Pete Prisco as well, and tasked him with constructing a team of under-25 players. Meanwhile, Pat Kirwan put together his version of Tuck's over-the-hill gang of 30-plussers.

We put the teams side-by-side, as you'll see below, to see which collection of starters looks better on paper.

We also asked our friends at PredictionMachine.com to work their magic and pit the two teams against one another. In a simulation run 50,000 times...

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Looks like something needed to put out there... this article is a joke.. really??