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04-01-2014, 07:30 AM
Time for a new Doppelmock. The Texans are reshaping their team, many of the draft days are over, and we are moving closer to the draft. Here is what GM Dopp would do:

1. Its important to start the draft off well. The first pick overall has to be a serious player who is going to change the fortunes of your team. To me, that means you go with your signal caller. I will take a guy who has a nearly 70% completion rate, over 5,000 yards of passing, a guy with a 6.25: 1 TD: INT ratio. A guy who knows what works and doesn’t in the NFL. That’s right, with the first selection, I take… Derek Carr, QB Fresno State.

2. When you draft a QB, its important you surround him with protection and weapons. I see a 6’5 250lb bemouth and I see him as a really good TE. In the NFL its important to have a good TE for your QB. Yes, he was a QB, but the change from QB to TE is pretty easy. This guy spent a lot of time in shotgun, suggesitng he can catch the ball and has good hands. I think he converts into a really good TE within days. In the modern NFL game blocking is no longer a necessary skill for TEs, so I think Logan Thomas, VA Tech TE, would be an excellent TE prospect.

3. Its important to have a big NT on this team. Nothing screams starting NT like Mister Cobble, NT the big boy from Kentucky. He is 340 lbs and is only 6’0 tall! He is an immovable object. He would space eat in the middle of the Crennel Defense and be a force to be reckoned with.

4. Its no secret the Defense needs some additional help. With my fourth selection I will address one position that needs tremendous help: OLB. For this spot I pick, Telvin Smith, OLB from Florida State. Yes, he is a little on the smaller side, but at 218 pounds he is also mighty quick. You can teach technique, but you can’t teach speed. He could easily pack on another 60 pounds and it shouldn't affect his speed whatsoever.

4. One thing that is extremely important is making the opposing team’s offense think. I select a super versatile player who can block, catch, and run the ball. 18 yards of rushing and 12 yards of receiving have me sold. The fact that he can block too? Sign me up for Hunter Joyer, FB, Florida.

5. I may be in the minority here, but I thought DeAndre Hopkins had a pretty bad year. Downright awful. He really struggled and just never seemed to find his footing. If it were up to me I’d cut him and bring in Kenny Bell, from Alabama. He had 14 receptions for 167 yards and a td. He runs a blazing 4.53 which is burner like speed. He could be a real contributor to this team.

6. A lot of times you see will LBs drop weight o become safties or vice versa. We have seen CBs and Safties interchange. We have seen QBs become TEs. But, why is it we have never seen a ILB become a good OG? I say, the time has come to do it. Of course not any ILB has the prowess, foot speed, and nasty demeanor to do it, but I have found him: Andre Jackson, Western Kentucky. He has good speed, strength, is extremely physical and likes to get in on the opponent. How does that not scream OG to you?

6. Its important to not forget about the special teams. Kirby Van Der Kamp, P, Iowa State is a big boy punter who stands 6’5 and weighs 222lbs. He can boom kicks with the best of them. Lechler is a below average punter and it is time to find his replacement. Plus at 222lbs, he can also help out on special teams and as an additional OLB. I mean the skills pretty much translate.

7. The Texans Aggie kicker had a great year last year. However, there is nothing wrong with a little competition. How about Baylor Bear: Aaron Jones. John McClain likes him and we know that if there is anyone on top of their draft game its gotta be John McClain.

7. At this point you gotta have versatility. I see a guy who played as a DT, was on the OL, and special teams. That means special player and a guy I want on this team. Say hello to Mr. Irrrelevant: Demonte McAllister, football player, Florida State

Thanks for reading this version of the Doppelmock. As Always comments are appreciated….oh and one more thing:


04-01-2014, 08:11 AM
Love it. Logan Thomas can play 3 ways: TE, ILB, kicker. Telvin Smith DB & Slot WR. I'd bring in Tebow as Wing-QB... stand him right next to Carr: hike left is a pass, hike right is a run. Might give Cobble a look at WR -- sneaky good hands.

What would you think of bringing George Whitfield in to run pro days and man the broom? I hear Manziel's parents are terminating his contract on draft day?

04-01-2014, 08:35 AM
I'm board but only if we sign David again. They can both wear #8. Think of how much money we fans save! Just peel off "Schaub" and go.

04-01-2014, 08:43 AM
I read this as I was waking up and my first though was "Doppel has gone off the deep end."

Well played.

04-01-2014, 04:35 PM
I couldn't help but think this man has lost his damn mind. You got me, but I knew something was up with Logan Thomas in the 2nd. LOL Good job.

04-02-2014, 09:00 AM
Thanks! I was trying to make it sound somewhat plausible that just became ore and more absurd as you read forward. I especially liked the sections on converting an ILB into a OG, saying DeAndre Hopkins had a pretty bad year, and trying to take a 218 lb OLB and having him "easily pack on" 60 lbs and not lose any speed and explosiveness!

However, my favorite one to write was about the Baylor kicker... "John McClain likes him and we know that if there is anyone on top of their draft game its gotta be John McClain."

To be honest I actually thought i'd get some negative rep for the thought of even suggesting that Derek Carr should be drafted, let alone with the first overall selection...